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Guess What? Exercise Can Prevent Low Back Pain

beverly, exercise, low back pain, Newburyport,    0 Comments    by orthowell
Acute low back pain (LBP) is a very common condition. 80% of people at some point in their lives will experience acute low back pain. It can hit with you by simply rolling out of bed in the morning,...

Tight Hip Flexors-The Source of Your Back or Hip Pain?

active release technique, beverly, hip pain, iliacus,    0 Comments    by orthowell
Could your tight hip flexors be the source of your hip or back pain? Have you ever been checked? Your hip flexor muscle is the muscle that you use to raise your knee toward the ceiling as though...

Total Motion Release : Patients are Raving About It!

back pain, beverly, low back pain, Newburyport, pain,    0 Comments    by orthowell
Are you still in pain? Has your previous physical therapy NOT resolved your pain? Does your pain keep coming back? Well...Total Motion Release may be the answer you're looking for. We are ...

FREE Holiday Special - Reserve Your Spot TODAY!

   0 Comments    by orthowell
Why Suffer through the Holidays? If it hurts, get it FIXED OrthoWell Physical Therapy would like to share in the joy of the holidays by extending a special offer to YOU and your friends and family...

Do You Really Need To Stretch Your Hamstrings?

beverly, gary Cook, hamstrings, Newburyport,    0 Comments    by orthowell
Fall has arrived. Amazing colors once again. Should you stretch your hamstrings before hiking thru the fall colors? Read on to see if you should...or if you shouldn't.... I want to share with you w...

How "HIP" is your knee pain?

beverly, hip, knee, MA, north shore, pain,    1 Comments    by orthowell
“The knee bone’s connected to the…hip bone” may be your therapist’s greatest clue to solving your knee pain.  How many patients have gone to physical therapy for knee pain and received an u...