Special Techniques

Your Wellness Program is finally here!!

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After you complete your physical therapy, you have a lot of options to maintain your health and wellness. We want to provide you with an affordable option to make the OrthoWell Wellness Program you...

Can Exercise Totally Cure Low Back Pain?

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More than 80% of us experience low back pain at some point in our lives. In most cases, the pain goes away on it's own or with a little "help" from the internet, yet recurrence rates of low back pain ...

Tight Hip Flexors-The Source of Your Back or Hip Pain?

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Could your tight hip flexors be the source of your hip or back pain? Have you ever been checked? Your hip flexor muscle is the muscle that you use to raise your knee toward the ceiling as though you were marching. When you sit, you are putting your hip flexors on slack. The more you sit, the s...

Would you like to feel happy and vibrant EVERY day? Here's how.

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Spring has sprung, but it sure didnt feel like it last week. So how do you feel when it is sunny and warm versus cold and damp? There may be a physiological reason why you feel down or painful on cold...

Make A Core Investment This Holiday Season

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Wow! The holidays are upon us once again. I hope that you are feeling awesome. If not, then WHY? The purpose of this newsletter is to share as much as I can in order to get you feeling as awesome as possible. I want to share with you what my staff and I have learned to improve your experien...

Trigger Point Dry Needling -Video - FREE trial!

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For those of you who don't know, we are offering another specialized service at OrthoWell PT. It is called Trigger Point Dry Needling. Our new PT, Katie Moulison,DPT, is certified in dry needling and she has been performing this technique for 2 years as well the past several months in our clinic. I ...

LASER - The New Gold Standard?

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  DEEP TISSUE LASER THERAPY IS HERE!!! For those of you who haven't been in to see us recently, we have been using a demo class IV laser device from Litecure since the beginning of June and have be...

Cross Fit - Is It Killing You??

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(Courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net)   CROSS FIT 101 First of all, you need to understand the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise requires oxygen, is low power...

Get Rid of "Cold" Inflammation.

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We reviewed an ARTICLE in Precision Nutrition about the effects of chronic inflammation and how to combat it with exercise. Researchers are using the term “cold inflammation” to describe chronic inflammation because it doesn’t have the typical hallmarks of acute inflammation such as fever, hea...

Baseball Throwing Injuries. Oh no...not me!!!

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Throwing a baseball is the fastest known human movement. The speed of the throw from a professional baseball pitcher can be upwards of 7000 degrees per second. Now that’s fast! In addition to that, ...