Do You Have Snapping Hip Syndrome?



Do you ever experience a snapping sensation when you bend or rotate your hip?

The most common reason for the snapping is stiffness in the iliotibial band or in the iliopsoas muscle.

As you bend or rotate your hip, the stiffness of the iliotibial band will cause a snapping sensation on the outside of your hip. This is caused by the iliotibial tendon snapping against the greater trochanter of your femur. By the same token, stiffness in the iliopsoas muscle will cause a snapping sensation on the inside of your hip. This is caused by the iliopsoas tendon snapping against the lesser trochanter of the femur.

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So what do you do about it? Come on in for a free screening and we will take a look. We need to get you on a stretching, strengthening and self-mobilization program in order to alleviate the imbalances that are causing the snapping.


Could This Really Be a Quick Fix for Tendonitis?

Ever heard of tendinopathy? It is a degenerative condition that usually occurs at the insertion point of a tendon. Remember that tendons are what attach a muscle to a bone. There is a lot of evidence that chronic tendon pain is NOT an -itis or inflammation, but is actually degenerative. It is very common in your achilles, patellar, and hamstring tendons.

The latest research on tendinopathy points to the positive pain relieving effect of isometric contractions. Isometrics are sustained holds of a muscle contraction without any movement ie pushing your hand against the wall in order to contract your rotator cuff tendon. An immediate relief of pain has been demonstrated after performing a pain-free isometric contraction for 30 seconds. You could incorporate 3 reps of 30 second isometric contractions of the affected tendon 1-2x per day.

Give us a buzz to set up a maintenance appointment and we could certainly fine tune your home exercise program.

Read the abstract HERE or the actual article HERE.



So what does Olympian Michael Phelps know that you don’t?

If winning a total of 23 gold medals over his Olympic career is not news worthy enough, there has been a lot of buzz about the “suction cup” marks on Michael Phelps. Yes, those marks are from cupping therapy–a service that we offer at OrthoWell Physical Therapy.

Cupping therapy has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat injury and disease. The cups produce a negative pressure which “sucks” the superficial layers of tissue up into the cup. The effect of cupping therapy is to release and stretch stiff tissue, to increase circulation and to draw your body’s healing energy or Qi (chi) to the area. At OrthoWell, we use controlled motion in combination with cupping therapy to enhance the effect.

If it’s good for Michael Phelps, it may be good for you too. Check out our cupping video below. Just give us a buzz to feel what all the “buzz” is about.

Are you getting the most bang for your buck with a foam roller?

Are you spending time on the foam roller working out the kinks?

Are you using it the right way?

Make sure to include this important tool in your conditioning program and make sure you do it in the most effective way possible.

Check out our blog post about foam rolling and the following video to make sure you are foam rolling correctly!

Is A Lack of Sleep Making You Feel MORE than Just Groggy?

In today’s society most people know two things about sleep:

1. They don’t get enough sleep

2. The lack of sleep is probably not great for their body.

What research is telling us is how many aspects of your health are affected by a lack of sleep. New research has been delving into the link between a lack of sleep and the inflammatory processes in the body. Although these processes are complex and require further research, it is known that a loss of sleep results in increased inflammatory markers throughout the body.

So what’s the big deal with inflammatory markers? The same research is now showing that these same inflammatory markers have links to serious disease including diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Along with these serious diseases, this increase in inflammation can also result in worsening pain syndromes. 

So get your eight to stay straight!

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Is Texting a Pain in the Neck??

Did you know that texting may be a cause of neck and back pain? According to this article, each day the average person spends 2-4 hours with their neck bent at an unnatural angle texting or reading emails. Because of the weight of the human head and the extra pressure added to the spine, the back begins to lose its natural curve. This ultimately leads to stress on the spine and pain in the back. Read more by clicking the link below.

Do you or a friend have pain associated with texting or using your computer?? Come on in for a FREE Injury Screening at we will tell you what’s going on.

What’s More Important: Stretching or Strengthening?

Do you focus on strengthening over stretching during your workouts? Recent research has shown that the tighter your hip flexors are, the less activity there is in your glutes. It is theorized that this could apply to other glute exercises as well. If you tend to skip stretching to spend more time lifting, think a little harder before you skip that hip flexor stretch.

Check out this link to read more about Lower Crossed Syndrome to avoid any pitfalls during your workouts.

For the research oriented, check out this link for even more data on glute activation.

How can your gut affect your health?

There has been a lot of talk about the role probiotics play in our health; from general intestinal health to the management of stress, anxiety and energy levels.  With the overly stressful and constant on-the-go lives we live today, it makes it difficult for our bodies to keep up. One area greatly affected by this life style is our gut health. Take a look at these two articles about their importance in good gut health, and the affect they can have on your healing/recovery as well as your athletic performance.…/diges…/the_promise_of_probiotics…/do-probiotics-improve-running…

I use a product called Perfect Biotics available at:

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Icing-Does it really do what you think it does?

Can icing actually INCREASE your swelling and delay your healing? What if I told you that it can? What if I also told you that the evidence supports NOT using ice? Watch this video by MobilityWOD to get the facts.


Runners Beware of Spring Fever

Here’s a great article for this time of the year for all of our runners.  It focuses on the importance of maintaining mobility and flexibility for good running health. In particular, it looks at the effects of increasing mileage and the toll that this can have on your body. This is especially important this time of year when everyone gets spring fever. So take a read and find out if you have anything to worry about.
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