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Patient Email Survey Results

We recently sent an anonymous survey to our past physical therapy and orthotic patients.  

Below are some of the comments we received:

Getting my new orthotics was fast and easy.  I was in and out and happy in an hour.

I could not walk without these  great Orthotics, which I had made by WalkWell.

My Podiatrist recommended this clinic to me, as he knew of the convenience, how vital they are for me to live with less pain and so I can now get my walking exercise.

I was relieved to have them made while I waited and in a very reasonable amount of waiting time!  Keep up the great work!

I did not make much forward momentum with my therapy UNTIL I went to OrthoWell. Their combination of massage, stretching, orthotics, and exercises is amazing.

I feel I received the best physical therapy I could get from WalkWell Rehab. I had pain for 8 plus years and within 4 months I felt 80% better. I have continued to do the exercises prescribed for me and have managed my pain very well with the therapy and knowledge gained from the care received at OrthoWell PT. Not only was the staff extremely professional but they genuinely care about each patient. I highly recommend them to everyone I know.

I found WalkWell Rehab was helpful with ongoing exercises and evening our my walk even though I was there for a shoulder and neck problem.

I had an operation for plantar fasciitis by Dr. Tobin from Marblehead, MA and he recommended you for my orthotics. I had had poor results from orthotics made elsewhere. You modified them two times as needed at no extra cost to me. I have virtually no pain in my heel now. They worked out great. After a few years, I had you make me a 2nd pair. I love these too. I wear them in the footwear which you also recommended to me. I use the orthotics ALL the time. I plan on getting more replacements from you as needed in the future. Thanks for your expertise and help.

I had orthotics for several years before getting WalkWell orthotics. Yours work well and are holding up well after 3 years+.  Appreciate the no charge adjustment after a hip injury that shortened one leg

I had several pairs of orthotics prior to yours and I quite wearing all of them because they were too hard and hurt my heel where I had plantar fasciitis.  Your orthotics were perfect and solved my problem completely.  I’m on my second pair from you.  Thank you so much.

I had spent hundreds of dollars on custom made orthotics with limited relief.  I left for a 7 week tour of Italy 1 week after I received my orthotics.  I was able to climb Roman ruins, hike up uneven hills, etc.  My pain went from severe to almost nonexistent.  I feel like I have my life back!

I have already recommended your practice to three people, and told the doctor that the PT’s really know what they are doing in your practice. Great eval techniques and treatment with results!

I have had two pairs of custom orthotics made and they make walking much more enjoyable.  I have recommended WalkWell to several of my friends.  I am sure when they make appointments, they will be as satisfied as I am.  Keep up the good work Chris!

I have used the services of WalkWell Rehab for both foot and recently back reasons.  The quality of the services was excellent.  The result of the services has been total pain relief. The reasons:
1. dedicated service with each visit and lots of hands on therapy.
2. detailed home instructions, with follow-up questions during the next visit.  Each visit was totally dedicated to the specific injury.
3. No generic services, just specific treatments for specific isssues.
I have used Addison Gilbert Hospital and Northeast Rehab hospital and Spaulding.  WalkWell is vastly superior to each of these mentioned

I was still complaining of pain after my surgery for a dislocated toe.  Also, I was experiencing blisters before my custom-made orthotics.  After having special custom-made orthotics, my blisters and pain from my dislocated surgery were eliminated.

I went to Shaunessy (now Spalding Rehab) prior to WalkWell and had no improvement 

Keep up the good work I would highly recommend you to anyone you solved years of pain for me. I didn’t know that therapy and inserts would solve my problems. I have two family members with the same problem but can’t get them to make the call to set up an appointment. They are suffering for nothing I know you could help them as you did for me.  Thanks again.

PS: because of your work I have been walking three days a week approx 3.5 miles a day.

My heel pain was completely resolved after being fitted with custom orthotics from WalkWell and following the exercises that were recommended. I had previously had 3 sessions of cortisone shots from my primary care provider that did not help. I also previously went to an Orthopedic specialist who prescribed a night time foot & leg splint that was totally unpractical to use and highly uncomfortable- which I ended up putting in the trash. I highly recommend WalkWell for heel & foot (plantar fasciitis) problems

Orthotics provide significant relief and can be changed when needed to address specific need or additional problem .  Like that orthotic can be made for different types of shoes.  Would highly recommend to family and friends

Problem was well diagnosed and well treated and exercises prescribed evaluation of additional problems resulted in effective treatment.  Therapist demonstrated vast knowledge and skill in diagnosis and treatment

Thank god for Walk Well—–I had gone thru months of rehab that was not addressing the pain and strain that I had———–then at Walk Well my foot was properly evaluated, a program of treatment and exercises, and proper new orthotics were made by Chris———this man is thorough, attentive, aggressive, and very knowledgeable. If you do the work with him, really follow his rehab program, you too may have relief. I will always have to refer to his maintenance, do the work, and know my limitations———–but without Chris, I know that I would just be like the many others with unbearable foot pain. I watch how others walk and see so many people in pain, so many people compromising their activity, and so much suffering. I am forever grateful and recommend his clinic.

The care I received at WalkWell was so good I almost wish I had more back pain. The office staff is friendly, professional and efficient. The office and treatment room are clean with a pleasant atmosphere; Chris has some really cool playlists on his music system. Chris and his team of therapists are absolutely outstanding. They are personable, knowledgeable and extremely good at what they do. When I started my treatment I was actually limping because of back pain and missing work at the fire station. The relief began almost immediately upon treatment and after a few weeks I was good as new. My wife got orthotics and physical therapy for plantar fasciitis with amazing results. My son was also a patient after his shoulder surgery and received excellent care.  I would not hesitate to recommend Chris and his team to anyone.

The gait assessment and assessment of the running shoes I was wearing was most helpful. I thought it was great to have written exercises and a list of running shoes which were best for me.  The change was what I needed.

I have had great success.  Have referred many clients. (As you know).

Thanks Chris!

The staff is kind and friendly! The care and Therapy I got at WalkWell was the best that I have ever received! And I have been to other Orthopedic therapy clinics. I plan to go back to WW for any other therapy in the future!!

Very good service and fair prices.  I will be back.

Very good value for money.

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Very professional office and equipment for all your PT needs. Caring staff and you will be sent home with written instructions that are very helpful and/or equipment to use at home as well. I really think it is a positive experience and worth a try.

WalkWell Rehab utilized some new techniques to address the problems I had with calf muscle pull/tightness.  These techniques helped me where other PT and also Orthopedic surgeons were not helpful.

Your exercise police made the drudgery of exercising very enjoyable. The key for me was when you, Chris, made me go to NE Runners and buy running shoes. The running shoes have a strong arch support and that coupled with PT for 14 visits and the orthotics have given me my right foot back.

Your quick service and reasonable price was very helpful.

Your Orthotics are great.  Years before I purchased some from a podiatrist but they never felt right and I stopped using them after about 2 years.  Your soft orthotics were reasonably priced, worked great, felt comfortable, and I had them the same day! I have recommended others to you and will do so again.

Chris knows what he is doing and got me back in shape so that I could walk and exercise again.  He is not expensive when you look at the alternative – not being able to exercise, deteriorating condition, protecting my hips, knees and feet from damage with made to individual orthotics and recommended supportive shoes.  Chris also sent me home with a series of easily doable exercises to keep me in good condition.  He is EXTREMELY GOOD at what he does.

Thank you so much for your expert and sensitive care.  I would highly recommend you anytime.

As far as I’m concerned, OrthoWell PT/WalkWell Rehab should be your first stop for all muscular discomfort!  My GP knows this and I’ll continue to recommend this source to my massage clients!

At WalkWell not only did I learn ways to heal my injury, but I also learned new ways of walking, standing, lifting, etc to make sure that I would heal and not return.  I think often of the suggestions given to me during PT and have incorporated them into my life.  This educational component has allowed me to stay pain free!

Best physical therapy I have yet experienced.  Every minute of the time was spent on therapy.  At other physical therapy places I would spend some of the session time waiting or icing, which I can do on my own time.  This was the most aggressive, more caring, and most beneficial.  I plan to return to OrthoWell PT if ever I have need for therapy.

Best Physical Therapy I’ve ever had!

Cara Puglia is my PT at OrthoWell.  We have worked together for 3 years on my complex pain syndrome.  Having worked with numerous PTs before Cara, I can say without hesitation that she is the best.  She has been supportive and caring, while going the extra step to resource treatments to best address my particular case.  All of the staff at OrthoWell are caring and thoroughly professional and knowledgeable.  I would recommend this practice to anyone, and have!

Chris is a knowledgeable and caring person.  He listens to what you have to say and is willing to make necessary adjustments to my orthotics as time permits.  I have already recommended him to a neighbor who has already had an appointment and was equally impressed.

Chris knows his stuff.  I have recommended him many times.

Chris was very knowledgeable and able to identify the source of my pain and injury. The exercises and PT helped me to gain strength and flexibility allowing my injury to heal.

For probably 40 years i have had a real foot problem. I visited and was treated by at least four different podiatrists.  Each doctor had inserts made for me at a cost of $300 plus each.  I tried to use each, but could not wear any of them.  Chris dukarski made inserts for me and for the first time in 40 years, “my feet don’t hurt”.

Dx me properly when the other facility did not and prescribed the proper course of treatment. I have recommended this facility to another person.

The rehab at OrthoWell PT/WalkWell Rehab was unlike any other that I’ve had--the muscle manipulation and stretching that was combined with the regular physical therapy exercises was, I am sure, contributed most to the healing of my injury(s). I have had PT for all three of the injuries I ended up seeing Chris for later on, and so far his has worked the best and lasted the longest, and I am now able to tell exactly where the pain is coming from if I start to notice it again, and work on that area in my stretches and exercises to help get it normalized again.