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Patient Satisfaction Survey Results – 2012

Upon completion of their Physical Therapy, we offer our patients a Satisfaction Survey, and ask them to comment on their overall experience, the service provided by the therapist, and the service provided by the administrative staff.  Here are some of the comments we have received:

Excellent treatment. Chris and his staff are very educated in their field and provide a full line of physical therapy. I would recommend them highly.
-Jerry Landry

Working with Geoff was a great experience- timely, professional, knowledgeable. I went from 9/10 knee pain to pain-free running in a month. Thank you for everything!
-Shona Blosser

I’ve never been so nervous to give another person my arm as I was post surgery but Geoff always made me feel comfortable and it made me feel more comfortable faster.
-Vanessa Savy

Fabulous- Geoff communicated with my personal trainer with what areas and exercises I needed to learn
-Susan Bushey

It helped a great deal with the pain, was educational and I felt I made some good improvements.
-Margaret Whittaker

Chris was very helpful with suggesting exercises and preparing a PT plan.
-Andy Martinez

I gained knowledge on my condition and how it relates to my overall muscle structure and how to keep it in check.
-Scott Handford

Exceptional, very knowledgeable and passionate about the work they do.
-Darlene Holland

Very informative and did not feel rushed.
-Kim Burke

He helped me to know how to avoid getting hurt again. I have a better understanding how this happened and how to avoid it.
-Liz Roccoforte

Very knowledgeable- answered all questions. Exceptional with massage of affected areas. PT went above and beyond (i.e. my back was seized up and Geoff treated that first)
-Lee Anne P.

Chris’ expertise and practical understanding of people’s justifications or ‘shortcuts’ was invaluable to me. I appreciated his honesty and his faith in me as an educatable client- even educating my attitude toward my injury and my bodies limitations.
-Sally Boal

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