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"Thanks you all at Walkwell!  My first race in 20 years...Rockport Father's Day 10K...Sunday June 19, 2011...47:55...7:43 pace

I appreciate you getting me back and running sucessfully.  Now maybe a half marathon!"

Dan C.

"I have had an amazing experience at OrthoWell. I was in an automobile accident several months ago and after being treated for months by a chiropractor he suggested I might get even more relief working with Chris Dukarski.  I came in still suffering from lower back, hip and knee pain that just would not get better.  After being treated by Chris for only six weeks I am now able to walk without pain and have begun exercising again."

Mary B.

"On my first visit to WalkWell, I knew that these were the people that would literally get me back on my feet!  I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and could not even walk on my right foot in the morning without experiencing excruciating pain.  With their guidance, patience and therapy, I now am ninety-nine percent pain free and can get back to my life!  I cannot thank Chris, Lauren and Julie enough.  They are the utmost professionals.  I am eternally grateful."

Lynne W.

"As I have passed my sixtieth year, I have had a number of occasions that necessitated physical therapy, so I can honestly claim to have quite a bit of experience in this area.  Chris was recommended to me by my chiropractor for my plantar fasciitis which had gone on for nearly a year before I started treatment.  Once Chris started working on me, I began to feel much better – his exercises really helped greatly, his hands-on manipulation moved me into a hopeful place as I had begun to think of this as a chronic condition which seriously affected my ability to exercise.  He then started working on my neck which had been injured over 15 years ago in a car accident and I have gotten more mobility and really helpful exercises.  I cannot recommend him more highly.  Chris is a dedicated, caring, immensely talented PT".

Kristen M.

"When I came to WalkWell the pain in my ankle was so intense I was limping instead of walking.  With physical therapy I received here as well as the orthotics I’m walking like the ankle never was broken.  When I think of all the years I spent in pain….thank you so very much"

Roberta O.

"The orthotics fit great and they are the best that I have had.  Thanks so much. I will highly recommend you to anyone that crosses my path in need of orthotics."

Marge W.

"I came to Chris with serious Achilles pain as I was training for my second marathon.  I don’t know exactly what he and the staff did – except that it was intense while they were doing it!  But they seemed to work the pain right out of my body.  I ended up running, pain free, a better time on my second marathon than I did on my first when I was ten years younger.  Thank you Chris et al!"

Cathy H.

"I started unable to use my foot and when I was released from PT I was able to walk better than I was walking prior to my fall when I broke my ankle.  While I was being treated at WalkWell I was one of the family. It was home away from home.  My shoulder has bothered me off and on for years, an old childhood injury has finally been properly diagnosed and treated, thanks to the WalkWell family and Chris.  ‘I am just one of the many WalkWell miracles”

Beverly N.

"A few months ago, you told me about one of your patients, who like me, struggled with the horrid cycle of getting better and making progress, only to fall off the proverbial cliff. You told me about her ultimate diagnosis of Lyme disease…After 3.5 agonizing years, I too have Lyme disease!...the one thing that my experience has taught me is that not all doctors and healthcare professionals are caring, concerned individuals who really want to help. I was so lucky to have Cara, and I can see that she moved to an equally caring practice."

Cindy C.

"The team at WalkWell was outstanding pleasant and exceptionally helpful in treating the pain and discomfort in my heel and lower Achilles. They designed an effective program that strengthened and rebuilt muscle tissue to mitigate the pain. I wholeheartedly recommend Chris Dukarski and his team!"

Marty S.

"After having suffered from Achilles tendonitis for almost 2 years, I had almost given up hope that I could be helped- until my podiatrist recommended WalkWell Rehabilitation.  Between Cara’s excellent physical therapy skills, Chris’ custom orthotics and a proven home program, I’m enjoying pain free walking and exercising again. Thanks everyone!"

Janet A.

"The leg worked just fine at the Hood to Coast Relay. Left foot, stance phase, no problem with the Achilles. For reference, this was our 191st mile, my 23rd, just over 24 hours after we started.( perhaps that explains my sloppy form and slight toeing.)  We came in 100th out of 1,023 teams.  Thanks for fixing me up."


“When I first came into Walkwell I couldn’t run 2 miles without having to stop, go home, ice and take ibuprofen.  The pain from running even a couple of miles would cause me to be unable to walk up and down stairs for up to a day. Last weekend I ran the Boston Half Marathon pain free!! 13.1 miles!! My experience at WalkWell was great!”


What a wonderful feeling to wake up each morning pain free. Chris and his staff  were great. If you put in the effort you will feel the results. Thanks so much.”

Michelle P.

“I had been to two PT’s with little success in treating alignment problems in my knee. Chris really helped me to both understand the problem and the long term nature of strengthening and stretching. He and his staff are part of a cutting-edge, welcoming, and success-oriented program that I’d recommend to anyone.”

Julie W.

“Debilitating pain affected my work as both a coach and teacher, causing me to practically crawl my way through life. Chris and his staff brought the pain down to a manageable level and taught me how to keep it there. Today I am practically pain free and could not be more grateful! Thank you both!”

Becky B.

After three visits, I am walking straighter and standing taller than I have in years. It is a joy to get up in the morning and not be bent over. Wish I had found Chris years ago. Can hardly wait to do another walking tour in Europe and I thought those days were over. Thank you, Chris.”

Pam N.

I play for a division one sports team at the University of Pennsylvania and have had knee and foot problems preventing me from playing at my highest level. I have gone to see many specialists looking for solutions and had not found the answer until coming to WalkWell. In a period of two months since getting my first pair of orthotics made, my knee and foot pain has been eliminated and I can now workout harder and longer than I have been able to in years and I’m getting my desired results on the court. Thanks to WalkWell.”

Mike H.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping Bryan get back into racing shape.  Yesterday he qualified for the Div. II State meet in the 200 (23.3), the 100 (11.2), and he is the fastest leg in the 4×100 relay, who shattered a 41 year old school record with a time of 43.7 and they are ranked 1st in the state overall.  Thanks again!”

Christine S.

“I was in so much foot pain that I couldn’t walk right…it caused a lot of back pain.  In a short time, my foot and back pain was gone.  You can tell how much Chris loves what he is doing!”

Cheryl B.

“People give gifts at Christmas time, but you give the gift of helping people all the time.  You gave me the gift of walking without hurting.  Thanks again!”

Francis M.

“When I came to WalkWell I couldn’t walk without pain in my feet and legs. After a few weeks, I could walk painfree. I am now ready to return to the gym. Thanks so much to WalkWell!"

Paula S.

Before I went to Chris I had stopped my daily walks altogether. Now I am back to walking a mile every couple of days without pain. The orthotics, PT treatment, and exercises changed my life. Chris and his staff are just great people- easy going and fun while taking care of business!"

Barbara L.

I had gone to PT for 3 months before coming to WalkWell. The previous place did not help to relieve my foot pain. Coming to WalkWell and receiving expert guidance and treatment has corrected my problem and I am now painfree. Chris was fantastic in understanding and treating my foot!”

Mark V.

“Thank you for the wonderful treatments that I received! It is hard to believe that I could barely walk from plantar fasciitis six weeks before my marathon. You got me to the start line! The orthotics and the PT program you created for me was perfect to get me better for my big day. Not only did I run painfree, but I also set a new personal record for myself. Thank you for all the support and encouragement. I truly could not have done it without you!”

Laura O.

“I have struggled with tendonitis for the past few years. Despite several sessions with two different therapists, I continued to experience pain on long runs. After 12 sessions with Chris and a slight adjustment to my foot orthotics, I am running painfree for the first time in years. I would highly recommend WalkWell to any runner suffering from leg pain.”

Jeff S.

“I practically crawled into WalkWell Rehab because of the pain in my foot… I went from stumbling along to walking without any pain! Chris truly works miracles! I am so very appreciaive.”

Carol L.

“After 13 months of suffering through debilitating left hamstring pain, I had given up hope. Two courses of PT and multiple trips to my primary and orthopedic specialist brought little relief. WalkWell changed all that! Throughout the entire process of evaluation and treatment, I believed from the start that I would one day be painfree. Today, I have never felt better!”

Chad K.
Program Manager for ESPN

I’ve had major ankle issues for over 15 years and have seen several PT’s and specialists but saw no progress until I came to WalkWell. After only 10 visits, I have made more progress than in the 15 years combined. The individual attention and rehab is without peer. And on the 8th day, God created WalkWell!

Tom L.
Ipswich, MA

As a family physician, I thought I knew a fair bit about musculoskeletal problems and their treatments. But after a few treatments, I had learned a tremendous amount of new things about physical medicine. I have not felt better in years! I now recommend Chris to all my patients who need orthotics or evaluation and treatment of muscle conditions of the lower extremities.”

Phillip B.
MD of Family Medicine Associates

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