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WalkWell Foot Orthotics


OrthoWell offers another exclusive service not available in any other physical therapy clinic – the fabrication of custom foot orthotics – ON SITE!

At WalkWell Foot Orthotics, we fabricate custom foot orthotics based on YOUR individual need.  We use technologically proven materials, mold them directly to your foot, and, using our exclusive techniques, fabricate a completely custom pair of foot orthotics while you wait!  Walkwell’s same-day service guarantee since 1997!

Our techniques are based on current orthotic research as well as the owner of WalkWell’s over 20 years of experience.  In an hours time, we will perform a complete biomechanical assessment, fabricate your custom foot orthotics, and educate you in proper shoes and pain management strategies.

The cost for a pair of custom foot orthotics varies between $150 and $200. That’s it! It also includes all follow-up adjustments as needed.

Because we specialize in biomechanics, we realize that there are many factors that may contribute to your foot and/or lower extremity pain.  Foot orthotics may not be the ONLY answer.  At OrthoWell Physical Therapy, we specialize in physical therapy of the foot and lower extremity.  We can help you to achieve COMPLETE relief!

You will need to bring a pair of work shoes, a pair of sneakers, a personal check or cash is preferable,  a copy of my directions (the Cummings Center is a big place!), and any questions you may have to your appointment. Use my 24 hour self scheduler link on this website or call for your appointment TODAY at 978-522-4199.  See you soon!


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