At OrthoWell we specialize in the treatment of running injuries. We are all runners at OrthoWell–so we understand how pain that slows you down or prevents you from running can take its toll both physically AND mentally. It is important to understand the principles of proper running technique as well as the weight-bearing forces that can occur during running. You can read more about this in our book The Formula for Running Painfree.

We start the process with our unique bio-mechanical evaluation and video gait analysis to determine HOW things are connected and to determine WHY you are experiencing pain while running. Once we determine the cause of your pain, we will provide you with a detailed wellness plan that will spell out an effective course of action to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

So what are the most common running injuries?

PLANTAR FASCIITIS or medial heel pain

ACHILLES TENDONITIS or posterior heel pain

SHIN SPLINTS also called posterior tibialis tendonitis or anterior tibialis tendonitis

RUNNERS KNEE also called patellar tendonitis or anterior knee pain

ITB TENDONITIS or lateral knee pain

How To Treat Running Injuries 

Click on the links above to get a detailed description of HOW WE TREAT. Each section will contain our “Principles of Healing” and will include:

  1. Activity Modification
  2. Specialized Manual Therapy Techniques
  3. Altered Biomechanical Forces
  4. Stretching
  5. Strengthening
  6. Home Exercise Program

For more information on how to get treatment for your running injuries, give us a call at  (978) 522-4199.