So what is Telehealth?

Have you ever considered the option of having a physical therapy evaluation or treatment session from the comfort and security of your own home?

Doctors have been providing what is called “telemedicine” for years to those who cannot come to see them for reasons of distance, illness or what we are dealing with today: CORONA VIRUS.

Telemedicine or Telehealth is a way of providing electronic “contact” with patients via an internet connection to a computer, phone or tablet. It allows a secure, private, one-on-one connection between the provider and the patient. The Telehealth platform allows us to see each other and interact in realtime on the screen of your device. In the physical therapy realm of Telehealth, we are able to evaluate, treat and instruct patients virtually. We can provide an accurate functional diagnosis without even placing our hands on you. Yes, there are some limitations but we can help you NOW to alleviate your pain instead of taking the risk of your symptoms getting worse.

So how does it work?

You would call or email our office and we will set up a meeting time. The time slots are 10 to 40 minutes in duration. We can answer questions, clarify technique or instruct a new exercise in as little as 10 minutes or we can perform a complete virtual interview and have you perform several active tests to determine the origin of your pain. We will then determine a functional diagnosis and establish a plan of care. We will provide our recommendations for pain management strategies, behavior modifications and any appropriate exercise interventions. That would be our first session. Any follow-up session would be determined based on our mutually designed plan of care and your individualized goals.

Is Telehealth covered by your insurance?

Recent changes in healthcare legislation have made it possible for physical therapists to now bill for telehealth services. We can also provide affordable self-pay options if you do not have health insurance.

So how do you get started?

Just give us a buzz at 978-522-4199 or send us a message by clicking HERE.

To your health!