Education Courses

DateCourseTotal Hours
August 23-25, 2019DN-1: Dry Needling for Craniofacial, Cervicothoracic & Upper Extremity Conditions: An Evidence-Based Approach24
4/14/18Evidence-Based Manual Therapy & Self-Care Techniques8
11/17-19/2017DN-2: Dry Needling for Lumbopelvic and Lower Extremity Conditions: an Evidence-Based Approach24
9/9-10/2017SMT-1: High-Velocity Low-Amplitude Thrust Manipulation of the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar & SI Joints17
3/2016-3/2017Total Motion Release Online Training Series42
4/20132013 Private Practice Summit28
3/2013Primal Reflex Release Technique-Level 2 training28
11/2012Active Release Online Full-body Recertification4
12/2012Graston Technique-M2 Advanced Certification14
10/2012Primal Reflex Release Technique-Level 1 training18
6/2012Graston Technique-M1 Basic certification12
11/2011Functional Stability Training-Core-Mike Reinold Eric Cressey seminar12
6/2011Active Release Technique-Spine Certification27
10/2010Fundamental and Advanced Kinesiotaping (KT1 & KT2)16
6/2010Optimal Shoulder Performance-From Rehab to High Performance-Mike Reinold DVD series4
5/2010Active Release Technique-Upper extremity certification27
5/2010Sports Medicine Symposium 2010-Advances in MRI and Orthopedic Management22
5/2010Assess & Correct-Braking Barriers to Unlock Performance-Eric Cressey DVD series4
7/2009New Manual Treatment Approaches to Back Stabilization6
4/2009Active Release Technique-Lower extremity certification27
7/20082-Day Internship with David Graston at his Indianapolis, IN clinics16
5/2008Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Seminar-David Graston8
11/2005APRN’s “When the Foot Hits the Ground Take the Next Step” – Advanced Course16
10/2004PFOLA’s 7th International Conference on Foot Biomechanics and Orthotic Therapy24
10/2002PFOLA’s 5th International Conference on Foot Biomechanics and Orthotic Therapy24
11/2001PFOLA’s 4th International Conference on Foot Biomechanics and Orthotic Therapy24
6/1999OMT approach to the Spine with Olaf Evjenth14
9/1998When the Shoe Fits-Shoe Fitting Course8
11/1997Pedorthic Footwear Association 39th Annual Symposium and Expo29
10/1996Spine 1 – Health South16
8/1996Orthopedic Manual Therapy – Thoracic Spine12
5/1996Orthopedic Manual Therapy – Cervical Spine12
4/1995Orthopedic Manual Therapy – Lumbar Spine13
4/1995Sports Injuries of the Knee10
5/1993Electrotherapy and Ultrasound Update13
1/199311th Annual Injuries in Baseball Course26
3/1992Evaluation, Treatment, and Prevention of Spinal Disorders24
9/1991Maitland Peripheral Mobilization24
6/1991Muscle Energy Techniques32
2/1991Myofacial Release I24