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Success Stories


“Thanks to Chris, Matt and Mark, I was able to regain lost range of motion on my shoulder due to a 15 year old injury.” – Carl C. 5/11/17


“I was browsing extensively online looking for a solution to my planter fasciitis foot issue. I came across Chris Dukarski and his physical therapy and orthotics practice on YouTube. The detail he presented in the YouTube videos about the anatomy of the foot and the techniques he used in making his orthotics impressed me. He presented in-depth info about the art and science of creating orthotics. From my experience, I know  it’s very possible to have someone cast and send out the order for the orthotics to a lab and have the ultimate result be unsatisfactory. So when I considered driving from Long Island to Boston to have orthotics made – it was a serious decision but I felt the intelligence and personalization in their approach to making orthotics at their facility could really be worth my effort. Ultimately, was a very positive experience. I now have well-crafted orthotics that suit me very well. Additionally, they took the time to show me techniques that I can do to improve my condition. Have to say was really my best experience with physical therapy and orthotics ever. Also, my thanks to Michelle and Dave for helping me out and being nice.”  – Duane D. 5/10/17


I’ve had three pairs of custom orthotics from WalkWell and I can’t imagine living without them! They have kept me and my feet feeling healthy, strong and injury-free through three years of college athletics, four marathons, many half marathons, three triathlons, and my daily walk to and from the office. They are comfortable, extremely durable and the fitting process could not be easier or more convenient. I absolutely recommend WalkWell to anyone I hear is looking for custom made orthotics for any type of activity!” Amanda B. 4/12/17


“In June 2016, I could not walk due to planter fasciitis in my right foot. A friend mentioned she got orthotics from Walkwell so I made an appointment to get a pair. By July, I was walking outside with no pain. In November, I hiked 10 miles without any foot pain. These orthotics have been a lifesaver.” Barbara W. 4/12/17


“I was treated at OrthoWell from December 12, 2016 to April 24, 2017 for a shoulder/arm strain I sustained in September 2016.  I worked primarily with Mark and Harry. Initially, I was in a great deal of discomfort with any arm movement.  Mark was very patient, and took a great deal of care to determine the best approach and to formulate a plan of care to optimize my results.  His ability to customize and adjust the plan as we went along was amazing. I have come such a long way, and am exceedingly pleased with my progress.  Mark and Harry were always upbeat, encouraging and really fun to work with.Harry, with his keen eye to detail, kept my form on point during my exercises.  I am very grateful to everyone at OrthoWell who made my journey of healing the best it could have been!”  Christine B. 4/24/17.


“Before seeing Mark, I had great difficulty with getting out of bed due to serious foot pain.  In the time I’ve worked with Mark the pain has lessened greatly.  I leave here feeling equipped with exercises and methods of taping so I can continue to improve at home.  It was a pleasure meeting the staff.  All very friendly and helpful.  Looking forward to running again.”  -Kelly L. 3/24/17


“My sore shoulder is much, much better.  Mark and Harry are awesome therapists.  I would highly recommend them to my friends.  Great Work!”  -Phyllis P. 3/10/17.


“When I arrived here I had little hope of ever recovering.  Today, I feel 100% back to normal.  The care I received was outstanding and the staff made every minute great efforts for my well-being.  You are just fantastic!  Thank you, thank you.  I will recommend you to everyone needing your services!” – Armando Z. 3/9/17


“I recently saw Mark for shoulder pain.  My range of motion has increased much more than I expected.  I have returned to yoga classes, which I love but was not able to do for over a year. Everyone in the office is always polite and very helpful.  I have referred a couple friends to OrthoWell and they have had great experiences also.”  -Patricia M. 2/2/17


“The quality of treatment I received at OrthoWell from Mark Johnson and the genuine care and respect from all the staff were outstanding.  Not only did my shoulders and elbow improve as a result of my visits but also they continued to improve with the exercises I was taught to perform at home.  It was a pleasure coming for my visits, knowing I was going to receive the best care and techniques of physical therapy.  Although I’m still not ready to compete in the 2016 Olympics, at 69 years of age I’m able to compete fully with my 5 year old grandson.  Thank you Mark for getting me in shape to do so.”  -John L. 6/28/16


“OrthoWell has a great group of therapists that truly listen and create a set of goals that are attainable to get you back to health.” – Alyssa R. 3/29/16


“This is my second time at OrthoWell and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The staff is fantastic. Appointment times are easy and the location is perfect. I highly recommend OrthoWell Physical Therapy. From start to finish I was kept in the loop and informed. My treatment was such that I looked forward to each visit.” – Bill C. 3/7/16


“I was very satisfied with all the people that worked with me (Mark, Harry and Matt). They were great, they got me back on my feet. Couldn’t have asked for more.” – Jim W. 2/5/16


“Katie helped me to relieve the neck and back pain that was causing me headaches and migraines. We tried a few things until she figured out what would work best. Katie was great at answering my questions and helping me to be proactive. I would recommend OrthoWell to friends and family. Everyone here was friendly and helpful.” –  Kammie M. 2/19/16


“My experience at OrthoWell was excellent as was the PT & Mark. Exercises were well explained and shown to me. Mark was attentive to me and at no time was I standing around wondering what was next. If I needed more PT I would return to OrthoWell in a heartbeat.” –  Mary F. 2/12/16


“I was pleased with the depth of knowledge and professional yet personal manner. My problem was diagnosed, I improved, and was given exercises to maintain progress.”  – Maureen W. 4/12/16


“I came in with foot pain from fracture… and with a few PT sessions I went from an 8/10 pain to no pain. The staff was wonderful and helpful from the beginning to the end. Great group of guys Mark & Harry. “ – Patricia T. 2/23/16


“I was in a lot of pain before I came to OrthoWell. PT was great. The pain is way less than before thanks to a great staff, Mark and Harry. Homework is the key.” – Tom M. 5/5/16


“I first came for PT when I was doubled over and in severe pain and needing a cane to walk. Over the next two months the pain gradually reduced and now I’m back to my normal self. Thank you Mark.” – Arthur L. 2/26/16


“Every bit of advice was spot on and quickly effective – problem solved! Mark was thorough, efficient and thoughtful. Small changes reduced big results.” – Jeffrey H. 2/13/16


“I am amazed at the degree to which my shoulders improved over the course of the nine physical therapy sessions I had with Mark Johnson. Besides the number and variety of exercises he had me engaged with, Mark spent a good amount of time each session working on my arms/shoulders. His expertise and inter-personal skills made each session an enjoyable visit. I used to wake up several times due to shoulder pain – constantly shifting sleeping positions. Now I can sleep through the night with minimal pain. Now, it’s up to me to continue with the exercises several times a day, and I am confident that these proactive measures will benefit me greatly.” – John L. 4/7/16


“Mark, P.T, treated my cervical neck problem. He is extremely knowledgeable and also a great listener who uses what he learns about the individual to develop a patient-centered plan of care. Mark got me back to all of my activities and most importantly taught me how to adapt m environment and my body mechanics to keep me pain free for the long haul. Thanks to the treatment I received I am confident I will be able to avoid more invasive treatments.”  – Karen G. 4/25/16


“The OrthoWell staff, particularly Mark, Harry and Michelle, were exceptionally professional and very easy to work with. After minor knee surgery and my first physical therapy experience, I was very impressed and would recommend OrthoWell without any reservations! Also enjoyed Mark’s fun facts of the day! Thanks so much!” – Lisa W. 4/14/16


“Very well treated from beginning to end of my treatment. From registration to therapy. Great organization. Mark was a great therapist.” – Marion L. 4/1/16


“A highly professional team who listened to my concerns, developed a treatment plan, and executed that treatment with outstanding success” – Martin P. 1/26/16


“The winter of 2015 had me shoveling so much snow on our alpaca farm. Spring into summer convinced me my sore shoulder wasn’t just going away. I quit “using” my arm as it hurt to even raise it. I procrastinated so long that I thought for sure I would have to have surgery. I was in such pain that I finally saw a surgeon. He strongly suggested I try PT and said he’d heard good things about OrthoWell. Talk about life changing! After 5-6 weeks of working with Chris and his team, I have to say that I’m calling this just short of a miracle! Everything was explained to me and shown to me in a clear and concise manner. I am looking forward to having my life back this summer, if that sounds dramatic, well, it is!” – Olivia S. 4/27/16


“Many thanks to Mark, Harry and Matt for your terrific care. not only is the pain in my knees gone, but you all taught me some valuable and simple to follow techniques to improve my exercise form, strengthen my hips and keep everything aligned. Looking forward to a summer of gardening, walking and working out without knee pain. You guys are great!” – Susan H. 5/9/16


“I came to OrthoWell with severe foot pain on my right foot, as well as knee pain from a running injury. The staff have been wonderful, so supportive and professional. Within a few weeks my foot pain was 100% gone, with therapy and the use of orthotics. My knee is so much better, I look forward to be able to start running again. They gave me the tools and exercises to continue at home, which has made a world of difference. I feel great!”  – Linda F. 2/15/16


“I had suffered with chronic shoulder pain for over three years. As an avid athlete and cross- fitter, it was nearly impossible to get to the gym without paying for it let alone sleep on my side without pain. I tried the usual treatment protocols – physical therapy and cortisone shots – but nothing seemed to work. Then I heard about Chris and OrthoWell PT. By combining laser therapy, cupping techniques, trigger point release, and mobility work at OrthoWell, I am now back to the gym and, more importantly, getting a good night sleep every  night.  Thanks to Chris and his team for getting me feeling better and back to the activities I love.” – Frank C. 12/4/15


“The Maintenance Option at Orthowell is really working well for me.  Historically, I would look into PT “late in the game”.  By that time, I would be in severe pain and be pretty dysfunctional. So when I read about this Maintenance option I was intrigued.  I signed on and have reaped many benefits.  Since we’re being proactive, we’re addressing issues much earlier in the cycle.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve struggled with restricted motion and pain in my neck.  I do a lot of driving and at times my limitations have actually made me feel unsafe at the wheel.  Now, I see Chris and his team monthly so I never get to that desperate state any longer. In fact I truly feel we’ve gained range of motion.  I tried the 6 treatment package at first but now just plan to maintain year round.  Thanks for this new option.” Barbara P.  4/20/16


I came to OrthoWell PT with calf and plantar fasciitis pain. I was in a time crunch since I was getting ready to run 2 races at Disney World. I saw Chris and Harry several times before I left for my trip. I had ART, Graston Technique and cupping on my left leg. They taught me several ways to rehab at home with a foam roller, stick, green ball and wedge. I went to Disney and ran 2 races without any pain totaling 19.3 miles. Chris also fitted me with softer orthotics for running, which I wear everyday because they are comfy. Now I can enjoy running again pain free!  – Holly S. 2/26/16


“Excellent experience! The speed of my recovery was quite shocking even during the first week. Fantastic biomechanical information and helpful suggestions for what to do beyond the PT room. I’m still flabbergasted that I’ve gotten to the point of good health I’m enjoying in less than one month. Nothing but good to say about OrthoWell, and I will absolutely recommend OrthoWell to others. Keep doing what you’re doing! Nothing beats friendly, knowledgeable and patient delivery of care.” Griffin D. 1/26/16


“I came in for posterior tibialas tendonitis which made walking painful. Chris fitted me for custom orthotics. After about six weeks of physical therapy, my pain is greatly reduced and soon to be gone completely. Chris has given me the exercises and tools I need to keep this tendon from rearing its ugly head again. I can’t wait for spring weather so I can enjoy walking outdoors without all the pain I had before!”   Kristen I. 2/18/16


“In December of 2014 I dislocated my left knee.  In doing so I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus.   This was a potentially career ending injury.  I knew that if I was ever to return to the job I love I would have to have the best care available.  Being in the medical field I knew that I had many options available to me.  After an exhaustive search I chose OrthoWell.  Their progressive, aggressive and all encompassing methods of treatment meant that I would receive cutting edge treatment for my knee injury and all the incidental issues that would develop with this type of injury.  Chris, Matt, and Harry prepared me for surgery in 5 weeks better than I could have hoped for.   After the exemplary treatment prior to surgery I did not hesitate to return for post-operative rehab.  Over the last 12 weeks I have not only met all the benchmarks set forth by my surgeon I have far surpassed them.   I am well on my way to a full recovery!”  Andrea W. 6/4/15


“Everyone is so amazingly friendly and will answer any question you could possibly have. They do what’s best for you without ever overworking you. Compared to when I started, my pain is nearly gone and I can now do things that I haven’t been able to do for years. This is a great environment with great people and you won’t regret coming to them!”  Carissa R. 3/4/16


“Chris and his team are outstanding! I have had two issues over the past year – back and hamstring – that have limited my activities significantly. However, with the help of Chris and his team I just completed a golf trip and look forward to lowering my handicap this spring. The whole team is professional, friendly, and truly caring for their patients. I highly recommend them to all.” – Mark S. 2/3/16


“Before I came to OrthoWell my knee was still hurting after 5 months at a different physical therapist. After 2 months here, they have been able to tell me what was really going on with my knee (which I hadn’t known from previous PT) and they treated it with a different approach (that I could do easily on my own and at home) and it worked! Now I am slowly getting better, and getting back to doing the things I love to do!” -Grace J. 12/7/15


“I came to OrthoWell PT with a chronic history of sciatic leg pain. Look at me now…I got my groove back!! Thank you so much!”  -JR 12/26/15

“I came to OrthoWell with severe lower back pain. Within the first week I could feel an incredible change. The people are friendly and really understand how to help you. Leaving OrthoWell I feel 100% better. I will continue my stretches and continue to get better. I would highly recommend this to anyone having issues with pain anywhere on their body. Thank you OrthoWell.” -Melissa P. 12/15/15


“The experience and results I had coming to OrthoWell is beyond what I had expected. Prior to attending OrthoWell PT my lower back was in so much pain and my hip ached. I could not walk for any length without pain. Yes I was overweight but I am a strong person. Attending OrthoWell and learning from the physical therapists the proper method of strengthening my core and hip muscles over four weeks I had lost 15 lbs, back pain was gone and now I am hiking through the woods and small mountains. My hip pain is gone as well.  They set in motion a plan for me to follow. I work out 4 days a week and feel great. I have lost so far 45 lbs since I started PT at OrthoWell.  If you are ever in need of PT I strongly recommend OrthoWell. You will not be disappointed. You will feel better and if you follow the plan they set forth for you, I may see you on a mountain. PS: I had orthotics made at OrthoWell. I have had to use orthotics since I was 9 years old. I am 60 years old now and these are by far the best orthotics I have ever had.” – John R. 12/11/15


“Very professional, efficient, competent treatment, comfortable, upbeat environment and a friendly staff. Excellent results! Highly recommend.” –Lauren 11/16/15


“Was super happy with the results. For 6 months I was in pain, but in 3 weeks Mark worked the pain out and gave me the skills to deal with issues going forward.” –Matthew M. 12/16/15


“I came to Chris prior to hip replacement surgery. When I started therapy I was not able to walk more than a block on sidewalks because of the pain in my leg and hip. The combination of therapy and orthotics has made a great improvement in my ability to walk comfortably. I heartily recommend Chris to anyone needing physical therapy. I feel that I am very well prepared for surgery and look forward to a rapid recovery.” Christina B. 11/3/15


“OrthoWell PT has given me my life back, no doubt! After 3 months of knee pain with every step I took, I feared for my job as a nurse and my normally active lifestyle was severely curtailed. Surgery was an option, but without guarantee for improvement. After just one session of PT and 1 laser treatment i was able to walk without limping. After 1 month of therapy and new orthotics, I am closing in on 100% return of function and I am thrilled with the progress. The holistic approach used by Chris and his team is unique compared to other PT experiences I have had. I highly recommend OrthoWell PT as the best option out there!” – Doris B.J 12/1/15

“After a bad fall in the shower I damaged my knee. The injury was painful when I walked upstairs or at a fast pace. After several months of slow recovery I started physical therapy at OrthoWell with Chris and his wonderful, talented staff. My progress was almost miraculous. For those who doubt there is anything that can be done for pain and limited mobility visit OrthoWell. You will learn a lot about your body to help stay mobile and healthy”  Anthony M. 11/13/15


“I am very happy with the results from the PT I received at OrthoWell! Not only did my pain go away, but I learned so much about good posture and proper exercises for the core. Chris and Harry are fun to work with in their dynamic office.” –Aurora G. 12/11/15


“This is my second round of PT with OrthoWell.  I am still basking in the joy of no pain from the first one (my knee).  I am complete on my second round (my shoulder).  It is absolute “magic” what you do here as I am pain free.  You all rate perfect 10’s from me.  Thank you all, so much!”  -Barbara M. 9/14/15


“Before I started physical therapy at OrthoWell my leg and knee were in constant pain whenever I tried to run. At my first appointment I met with the friendly staff and they started helping me work at healing and strengthening the injury right away. I looked forward to every appointment with the upbeat staff and enjoyed the exercises they had me do. Within a matter of weeks I was back into running short distances with no pain. The strengthening exercises worked as my injury is not only gone, but my legs and hips are stronger and healthier than they’ve ever been. I am back to running long distances with a pair of foot orthotics that support my feet and have eased my knee pain completely. I can’t thank OrthoWell enough for the life changing work they helped me with on my injury!”-Elena S. 9/10/15


“My experience with OrthoWell Physical Therapy has been very helpful in the healing and strengthening of my back and core. The exercises that Mark Johnson taught me, showed me what would benefit me most and explained why, which was very important to me. Understanding body mechanics and pain is an important part of healing. So in gaining this insight, I now feel more in control and can manage my pain and work towards the goal of becoming stronger and pain free. The entire staff has been helpful, knowledgeable and kind. I truly appreciate all the time and education that was given to me while under their care.” – Beryl K. 9/3/15


“I came to Chris at Orthowell for hip and back pain. With all the PT, including cupping on my back, I feel that it’s finally almost healed. I found Chris to be thorough, very professional and he totally knows his stuff!!”-Debra S. 9/10/15


“I came in on crutches with a bad fear of putting my foot to the ground. The pain was so bad. Over the last couple months I find I am walking pain free. The staff was extremely helpful and very pleasant to work with, and very knowledgeable. Thank you so much for all your help!”-Colleen L. 9/15/15

“I came into the office with intense pain in my foot. I was having trouble walking doing daily activities and sleeping. After the incredible care I received, I am pain free!! The staff is knowledgeable, caring and kind. What a great experience! Thanks!!!”-Kim R. 8/11/15


“Nov. 2014 I was in a car accident that resulted in my ankle being broken in three places. After 4 months of casts, knee walkers, wheelchairs, and no weight bearing, I was released by the surgeon. I could not walk without limping and could not “do” stairs except one at a time. I was prepared to have that disability forever. After a month’s deliberation, I decided to try Physical Therapy, and was referred to Chris Dukarsti, at OrthoWell, Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy. Chris was very positive from the beginning, very competent. Today, after 6 weeks of treatment, I have been released, with full Range of Motion and once again able to climb and descend stairs, walk normally, and even ride a bike.I would recommend Chris and his excellent team of therapists to anyone in need of P.T. With much appreciation.”  -Phyllis C.


“I’ve been to several physical therapists, but OrthoWell has a very different approach. After a thorough evaluation, Chris and his team use a very hands-on, rigorous approach to alleviating your problem.” -Marjorie L.


“Mark was my physical therapist and he was wonderful. I came in with plantar fasciitis and a heel spur on my left foot. He did such a good job that I’m leaving with no pain in my heel. I also would like to thank Katie (P.T.) and Harry for all the good work they did also. I would recommend all of the staff, for any issues you may have. I’m leaving with a sad heart because it was such a pleasure to see them every week. They are a great group of people.” -Mary Jo J.


“I went to OrthoWell PT in Newburyport 1-2x per week for nearly 3 months after having knee surgery in February.  I’ve had numerous injuries over the years that have required physical therapy so I’ve seen my fair share of PT outfits and I have to say that Chris and his staff were excellent!  Chris spent adequate time with me during my first visit to understand my injury, my medical history and activity level goals when I return to 100%.  I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and effective in his individualized approach, while dumbing things down for me to understand.  He and his staff provide an upbeat, friendly and clean environment that helps you forget about the monotonous exercises you’re doing and makes the session fly by.  Most of my appointments were tailored to be almost 2 hours long (although that was up to me) which made me feel like I was getting the most bang for my buck.  I would not hesitate to refer a close friend or family member to Chris and his staff because I know they would be in good hands.” – Andrew W.


“Chris and his staff are the most positive group of therapists I’ve ever encountered.  As a nurse and case manager, I have had many experiences with physical therapy groups.  You can tell this one is different the moment you walk into the office.  You are always welcomed by music and an energetic ‘vibe’.  Matt and Harry are terrific in keeping the flow with a sense of humor; it is obvious that each one believes in positivity when treating patients. All physical therapists should be ‘competent’.  However,  Chris has a unique ability to assess personalities quickly and adapt to that individual patient.  He respects the patient’s opinion, yet still gives important advice, even if the patient is hesitant.  During my own treatments, I noticed that Chris treats  a diverse population:  the patients at OrthoWell include medical professionals (we always say to go to the doctor/PT that the nurses and doctors go to!), children, runners, as well as the patient who may not be as athletic as others.  Each one gets individual attention, education about new exercises, and then time to do practice those exercises independently, in a totally relaxed atmosphere. I truly look forward to going to my physical therapy sessions, which is unusual because I would typically consider myself a ‘tough audience’, after an unpleasant experience in the past.   My condition has improved exponentially because of the creative, competent approach at OrthoWell.   They have made me a believer!” – KimSu M. RN


“After completing a round of physical therapy with Chris and Matt at Orthowell I am so pleased with the results. I came in barely able to run 3 miles without pain and within 2 weeks I saw a difference. I appreciate the education they provide as well. What I love most about their office is the access to multiple types of treatment. ART, Laser, Cupping and Massage all played a role in my recovery. The icing on the cake is the friendly service I received!“- Meg K.


“Thank you Chris, Matt and Harry! I came into the office having pain while walking around and left weeks later feeling good. I’m a runner and had a goal of running the VT city marathon. Orthowell got me through my training to the finish line in record time. I appreciate that Chris did his best in my PT and didn’t give up on me or my injury. I ran the marathon two days ago in 3:25! That’s a personal record by 20 minutes! Thanks for helping me get there!” – Patricia D.B


“Dear Chris, I am so grateful to you for talking with my daughter, Michelle, and telling her to get me to Orthowell. On that Monday in January, I came to you on a walker and in pain. It is now March 8th and I am walking on my own and in no pain. You and your staff have been so kind to me. Their quiet encouragement has spurred me on every inch of my journey.” – Susanne C.


“Chris Dukarski is my Miracle Worker! For over seven year I have been in pain in my hips and knees.  Before and after left hip replacement in 2010, right hip replacement in 2012, and a right hip revision in 2013, I had months of physical therapy elsewhere.  I gained strength back to walk small distances but always in varying degrees of pain.  I had given up hope of ever being able to walk up and down stairs without pain and the slow one step at a time hauling myself with the stair railing. Months ago it was recommended that I have a knee replacement.  Not willing to face yet another joint replacement surgery, I decided as a last desperate measure to seek out another PT.  I made an appointment at OrthoWell. WOW! Chris’ Initial evaluation of my physical weakness and pain issues was novel to me.  Not even my surgeon had ever done this type of thorough evaluation.I have been seeing Chris for five weeks now.  I cannot believe the progress he has helped me achieve.  For the first time in many years I can walk normally up and down stairs without intense pain albeit slowly and carefully.  My hips and knee pain are greatly reduced.  And I have Hope…Hope to avoid another surgery…Hope to become physically stronger and as pain-free as possible. I can’t say enough about OrthoWell, Chris, and his wonderful staff.  It was scary for me to take the step to make this first visit.  I thought that there was no hope to improve much because I am in my mid-sixties.  After all, I was walking and not yet in a wheelchair and I should be grateful.  That seemed to be the attitude I had encountered.  I was frightened that I would not be able to do the required exercises and that perhaps I just should resign myself to pain.  Chris’ massage method was also new to me and initially quite uncomfortable; but the release of tight muscles and working on my extensive scar tissue has been quite a surprise.  The individualized treatment is wonderful.  And, yes, I can and will do what Chris recommends as best as possible because I believe he truly cares.  Plus he has such extensive knowledge of correct methods to improve each client’s individual physical difficulties.  He is a miracle worker! Thank  you, Chris!” -Nancy D.


“Working with Katie I found her as a person with great skills and a deep background in Physical Therapy. Katie was one of the most dedicated professionals through her work at OrthoWell; Results driven, well educated and reliable with an easiness to build interpersonal relations with her patients. It was a pleasure working with her as she is an experienced professional and I would strongly recommend OrthoWell to others.“-James L


“I’ve been to physical therapy in the past and Orthowell is nothing like any other PT practices I’ve been to. Chris and his staff make you work and doing such the results exceeded my expectations.” – Brandan A.


“OrthoWell was instrumental in helping us understand completely what was going on with my daughter’s feet. They really went above and beyond for us and reached out to our doctor to discuss her case and were great about follow up with us. When I thought about the fact that my daughter would need continued PT after her surgery, there was no doubt that I would be bringing her back to Beverly despite the distance. Much to my delight, OrthoWell opened up a new office in Newburyport on Forrester St which is right around the corner from my house!” – Dawn L.


“My doctor recommended that I go to OrthoWell in Beverly for physical  therapy to help with my plantar fasciitis and I’m so glad that she did. From the very first interaction on the phone, I could tell this was a well organized, professional and friendly company. It was easy to get an appointment and they emailed me the paperwork prior to my first visit. The PT area is chock full of modern equipment and the staff is constantly cleaning and disinfecting in between patients. They do a very thorough initial evaluation and also offer a wonderful laser treatment to expedite healing at a reasonable cost. Moreover, I cannot say enough good things about the Physical Therapists who work there. Katie and Matt are extremely knowledgeable and they explain everything in an easy-to-understand manner. They even spent a great deal of time helping me find the right shoe for my condition. I highly recommend OrthoWell!”   Marie L


“My feet have hurt me for a couple of years – when it became really unbearable, I was sent to OrthoWell. I really didn’t have high hopes – but wow! The orthotics Chris made for me stopped the pain – I mean stopped it! Instantly I had my posture back- I can feel the energy back in my leg muscles – I’m walking like I used to years ago. Now we’re working on correcting condition that caused it in the 1st place. Thank you Orthowell!!” – Nadine M.


“My experience with dry needling was very positive. I was experiencing constant pain in my lower back L4/L5 and L5/S1, that worsened with stair climbing and bending with rotation. There were residual muscle spasms from a back injury in July 2014, that were not responding completely to stretching ex’s or other devices used to treat spasm. The dry needling made a difference after the first treatment, and after 4 treatments I feel that I am ready to be discharged.” – Cheryl J.


“About 3 years ago I got a labral tear in my left hip.  Over the course of time, it healed enough that I could work around it and was eventually able to jog again.  I built up my mileage very slowly and after 5 months of training ran a10K.  For whatever reason, after that race my hip just started to tighten and about 11 months after starting my training, I decided to stop running and turned to yoga.  The yoga helped at first but then my hip declined to a point where tying my own shoes or picking up something off the ground was painful and exhausting.  An MRI confirmed the labral tear and some arthritis in the hip.  The recommendation from the Orthopedic Surgeon was to try to improve enough to post-pone a hip replacement for as long as possible.  I had met Chris three years before when I first injured the hip and liked the experience I had with ART.  When I got to Orthowell in April, I was not very optimistic given how little range of motion I had.  We started with the massage and some of the more typical physical therapy exercises and saw little progress over the first few weeks.  He offered me the opportunity to try the laser and I was willing to give it a try.  Admittedly, I still wasn’t too optimistic.  The laser treatment itself was not painful or invasive in anyway which kind of made me roll my eyes as to its effectiveness.  However, after four treatments, I suddenly noticed that my range of motion had improved considerably.  I could tie my shoes again!  I am not near where I would like to be and would not consider returning to running but I can bike comfortably and do some basic strength exercises to stay in shape.  For now, that is good enough!”  -Celeste L.


“I have been a patient receiving physical therapy for a number of years. The lower back pain I have is the result of a herniated disc in July 2008. Originally, I went to physical therapy at Sports Medicine North, in Peabody. Since then I’ve been a patient at OrthoWell Physical Therapy for the last four years.During the past two weeks I have experienced Dry Needle Therapy at Ortho Well Physical Therapy. Kathryn Murphy is my therapist. She has done any excellent job explaining how this therapy works and what I should expect after each session. I have two more sessions left and then she’ll evaluate my progress. I feel a lot less pain in my lower back. In comparison to the way I felt two weeks ago I would say I have improved at least 70%. The therapy is not painful or even uncomfortable yet the effect is a much improved condition for my lower back. I feel more comfortable as I do the things I enjoy. I don’t need to rest during the day. I enjoy activities all day long. Sometimes I am babysitting out two year old and our four year old grandchildren. I can stay out of the house most of the day doing shopping, errands, or visiting friends without discomfort. Dry Needle Therapy has really worked to decrease the level of pain substantially. I definitely would recommend Dry Needle Therapy to anyone who experiences back pain and sciatica nerve pain.” – Theresa N.


“Chris and the rest of his team at Orthowell worked collaboratively to provide me with a treatment plan that was thorough, and efficient and more importantly timely. I first approached Chris with issues with plantar fasciitis, soleus and posterior tibialis. As I was approaching triathlon season it was imperative that I acted methodically and quickly. Two times a week for 4 weeks of aggressive PT with strengthening on my own time, I experienced drastic improvements. The pain wasn’t gone, but it was tolerable and with continuous exercise and strengthening exercises the team gave me, my training was never hindered. Can’t thank Chris and his team enough, I highly recommend them to anyone suffering from any issues or nagging injuries that just won’t go away.” – Ashley S. at B&S Fitness 


 “As an MBA in business, I love your company! The professionalism, marketing, followup and customer service are unmatched by any other PT clinic I have experienced.” -Andrea R.


“OrthoWell Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy and Chris Dukarski,P.T have the best approach to physical therapy.The techniques he uses have literally changed my life. Since I started going to Chris I have hope.The techniques Orthowell uses is the first time in 7 years I had any pain relief.Orthwell continues to help me with my ankle and neck pain that I have lived with for 7 years. The exercises ,advice and continued support I received is wonderful . I tell all my family and friends how great they are. I would recommend Orthowell to everyone.”     – Mary M.


“I cant say enough about Chris Dukarski and OrthoWell Physical Therapy. I am a 47 yo Physical Therapist who ironically has not done well with standard Physical Therapy. I just recently had my fourth hip surgery and my other hip flared up to the point where I could not walk on it. I have had varying amounts of hip pain for the last 18 years. NOTHING had helped. The recent surgery for my right hip was a success but I was weak, lacked motion and had tons of scar tissue. Chris uses the Graston Technique, a form of soft tissue work which breaks down scar tissue and mobilizes the muscles so that they can work appropriately. As a patient you have one on one attention throughout the entire treatment. The care is top notch. After ONE visit, my left hip pain was 80% gone! I could walk, get up and down from a chair without pain. It only got better from there. He immediately began working on both hips and devised an appropriate exercise program of self mobility work and exercises. He progressed these every visit. Thanks to Chris I now can walk for over an hour, ride my bike, lift weights and do yard work without pain. He has literally given me a new lease on life!”     – Jane H. PT


“Some months ago I noticed that I was limping on my left side. Knowing that I had a leg length discrepancy, I came to WalkWell hoping to to fix my wagon with custom orthotics. Chris recommended following up with PT through OrthoWell, which I did for several sessions.
I was enjoying my visits but I wasn’t seeing much improvement. In fact, my balance was getting worse. Chris began to ask some questions about my family history, any testing that I might have had etc., and told me privately that he didn’t think the problem was orthopedic and that it would be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a neurologist.
I consulted with a neurologist who ordered tests, including an MRI to look for signs of MS. The MRI came back with no signs of MS but the image quality left something to be desired. After a second, more recent MRI (and a whole slew of other exams), my neurologist told me that I do in fact have MS. He said that normally patients don’t see him until symptoms are more severe. I explained that my physical therapist had noticed symptoms that suggested a neurological issue. He looked impressed and said, “That was a very astute observation.” He’s right. MS is not a fun diagnosis, but if I had not gone to OrthoWell I could have missed symptoms for years before finding the treatment I need, at which point I would surely be much worse off. I met with a great specialist in Boston today and we made a treatment game plan. I’m feeling good about the future and I’m eternally grateful to the OrthoWell staff. I hope to see you all again soon!”
– Dan M.


 “After going to other therapists for several years, I finally found a therapist that really listened to what my issues were and then acted on them. Most importantly, I am in my early 60’s and have been a runner and tennis player for many years, Orthowell did not blindly consider my age as a barrier to achieve a higher level of physical expectations.   Chris and his staff are very professional yet welcoming.  He takes the time to explain his plan of action and continues to educate you on the cause and effect and possible intervention and prevention of further injuries.  His knowledge of physical therapy and his passion for staying current in his field is evident in his day to day  interaction with his staff and patients.  I am now back at the gym and very happy with my progress.  Thank you Chris and staff.” – Sharon M.


“I came to Chris for foot and ankle pain and a review of my orthotics. I was very pleased with his diagnosis of the source of my pain which involved the entire leg muscles as well as the foot and ankle. He also looked at my orthotics and found that they were inadequate for the correcting the issues I had. He made a custom orthotic and coupled with my stretching exercises I have had no pain in my feet and I can go all day in comfort . His approach was unique to me and I will leave with a program of stretches that should keep me going indefinitely. The orthotics are so wonderful I have ordered another pair.”  -Janice I.


“I went to Chris Dukarski at OrthoWell for shoulder rehabilitation following shoulder surgery.  I originally went somewhere else, and ended up with a “frozen” shoulder.  My shoulder is now on track for a full recovery and I credit Chris with a major part of this.  Chris is extremely knowledgeable.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to watch him work with other people with all sorts of problems.  He is very serious and professional in his approach.  He uses a hands-on approach during the visit and gradually introduces exercises that can also be done at home.  His method works.  He has both my gratitude and my unqualified recommendation.” -Kris L.


“After having a complete shoulder replacement my surgeon sent me to OrthoWell for physical therapy.  The staff was very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, courteous, caring and helpful in getting my shoulder moving and ready for daily use.  They all were very friendly in taking the time to explain the exercises and why we need to do them for my recovery.  Thank you for providing such a welcoming and comfortable place for PT.”  Carol F.

"Thanks you all at Walkwell!  My first race in 20 years...Rockport Father's Day 10K...Sunday June 19, 2011...47:55...7:43 pace

I appreciate you getting me back and running sucessfully.  Now maybe a half marathon!"

Dan C.

"I have had an amazing experience at OrthoWell. I was in an automobile accident several months ago and after being treated for months by a chiropractor he suggested I might get even more relief working with Chris Dukarski.  I came in still suffering from lower back, hip and knee pain that just would not get better.  After being treated by Chris for only six weeks I am now able to walk without pain and have begun exercising again."

Mary B.

"On my first visit to WalkWell, I knew that these were the people that would literally get me back on my feet!  I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and could not even walk on my right foot in the morning without experiencing excruciating pain.  With their guidance, patience and therapy, I now am ninety-nine percent pain free and can get back to my life!  I cannot thank Chris, Lauren and Julie enough.  They are the utmost professionals.  I am eternally grateful."

Lynne W.

"As I have passed my sixtieth year, I have had a number of occasions that necessitated physical therapy, so I can honestly claim to have quite a bit of experience in this area.  Chris was recommended to me by my chiropractor for my plantar fasciitis which had gone on for nearly a year before I started treatment.  Once Chris started working on me, I began to feel much better – his exercises really helped greatly, his hands-on manipulation moved me into a hopeful place as I had begun to think of this as a chronic condition which seriously affected my ability to exercise.  He then started working on my neck which had been injured over 15 years ago in a car accident and I have gotten more mobility and really helpful exercises.  I cannot recommend him more highly.  Chris is a dedicated, caring, immensely talented PT".

Kristen M.

"When I came to WalkWell the pain in my ankle was so intense I was limping instead of walking.  With physical therapy I received here as well as the orthotics I’m walking like the ankle never was broken.  When I think of all the years I spent in pain….thank you so very much"

Roberta O.

"The orthotics fit great and they are the best that I have had.  Thanks so much. I will highly recommend you to anyone that crosses my path in need of orthotics."

Marge W.

"I came to Chris with serious Achilles pain as I was training for my second marathon.  I don’t know exactly what he and the staff did – except that it was intense while they were doing it!  But they seemed to work the pain right out of my body.  I ended up running, pain free, a better time on my second marathon than I did on my first when I was ten years younger.  Thank you Chris et al!"

Cathy H.

"I started unable to use my foot and when I was released from PT I was able to walk better than I was walking prior to my fall when I broke my ankle.  While I was being treated at WalkWell I was one of the family. It was home away from home.  My shoulder has bothered me off and on for years, an old childhood injury has finally been properly diagnosed and treated, thanks to the WalkWell family and Chris.  ‘I am just one of the many WalkWell miracles”

Beverly N.

"A few months ago, you told me about one of your patients, who like me, struggled with the horrid cycle of getting better and making progress, only to fall off the proverbial cliff. You told me about her ultimate diagnosis of Lyme disease…After 3.5 agonizing years, I too have Lyme disease!...the one thing that my experience has taught me is that not all doctors and healthcare professionals are caring, concerned individuals who really want to help. I was so lucky to have Cara, and I can see that she moved to an equally caring practice."

Cindy C.

"The team at WalkWell was outstanding pleasant and exceptionally helpful in treating the pain and discomfort in my heel and lower Achilles. They designed an effective program that strengthened and rebuilt muscle tissue to mitigate the pain. I wholeheartedly recommend Chris Dukarski and his team!"

Marty S.

"After having suffered from Achilles tendonitis for almost 2 years, I had almost given up hope that I could be helped- until my podiatrist recommended WalkWell Rehabilitation.  Between Cara’s excellent physical therapy skills, Chris’ custom orthotics and a proven home program, I’m enjoying pain free walking and exercising again. Thanks everyone!"

Janet A.

"The leg worked just fine at the Hood to Coast Relay. Left foot, stance phase, no problem with the Achilles. For reference, this was our 191st mile, my 23rd, just over 24 hours after we started.( perhaps that explains my sloppy form and slight toeing.)  We came in 100th out of 1,023 teams.  Thanks for fixing me up."


“When I first came into Walkwell I couldn’t run 2 miles without having to stop, go home, ice and take ibuprofen.  The pain from running even a couple of miles would cause me to be unable to walk up and down stairs for up to a day. Last weekend I ran the Boston Half Marathon pain free!! 13.1 miles!! My experience at WalkWell was great!”


What a wonderful feeling to wake up each morning pain free. Chris and his staff  were great. If you put in the effort you will feel the results. Thanks so much.”

Michelle P.

“I had been to two PT’s with little success in treating alignment problems in my knee. Chris really helped me to both understand the problem and the long term nature of strengthening and stretching. He and his staff are part of a cutting-edge, welcoming, and success-oriented program that I’d recommend to anyone.”

Julie W.

“Debilitating pain affected my work as both a coach and teacher, causing me to practically crawl my way through life. Chris and his staff brought the pain down to a manageable level and taught me how to keep it there. Today I am practically pain free and could not be more grateful! Thank you both!”

Becky B.

After three visits, I am walking straighter and standing taller than I have in years. It is a joy to get up in the morning and not be bent over. Wish I had found Chris years ago. Can hardly wait to do another walking tour in Europe and I thought those days were over. Thank you, Chris.”

Pam N.

I play for a division one sports team at the University of Pennsylvania and have had knee and foot problems preventing me from playing at my highest level. I have gone to see many specialists looking for solutions and had not found the answer until coming to WalkWell. In a period of two months since getting my first pair of orthotics made, my knee and foot pain has been eliminated and I can now workout harder and longer than I have been able to in years and I’m getting my desired results on the court. Thanks to WalkWell.”

Mike H.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping Bryan get back into racing shape.  Yesterday he qualified for the Div. II State meet in the 200 (23.3), the 100 (11.2), and he is the fastest leg in the 4×100 relay, who shattered a 41 year old school record with a time of 43.7 and they are ranked 1st in the state overall.  Thanks again!”

Christine S.

“I was in so much foot pain that I couldn’t walk right…it caused a lot of back pain.  In a short time, my foot and back pain was gone.  You can tell how much Chris loves what he is doing!”

Cheryl B.

“People give gifts at Christmas time, but you give the gift of helping people all the time.  You gave me the gift of walking without hurting.  Thanks again!”

Francis M.

“When I came to WalkWell I couldn’t walk without pain in my feet and legs. After a few weeks, I could walk painfree. I am now ready to return to the gym. Thanks so much to WalkWell!"

Paula S.

Before I went to Chris I had stopped my daily walks altogether. Now I am back to walking a mile every couple of days without pain. The orthotics, PT treatment, and exercises changed my life. Chris and his staff are just great people- easy going and fun while taking care of business!"

Barbara L.

I had gone to PT for 3 months before coming to WalkWell. The previous place did not help to relieve my foot pain. Coming to WalkWell and receiving expert guidance and treatment has corrected my problem and I am now painfree. Chris was fantastic in understanding and treating my foot!”

Mark V.

“Thank you for the wonderful treatments that I received! It is hard to believe that I could barely walk from plantar fasciitis six weeks before my marathon. You got me to the start line! The orthotics and the PT program you created for me was perfect to get me better for my big day. Not only did I run painfree, but I also set a new personal record for myself. Thank you for all the support and encouragement. I truly could not have done it without you!”

Laura O.

“I have struggled with tendonitis for the past few years. Despite several sessions with two different therapists, I continued to experience pain on long runs. After 12 sessions with Chris and a slight adjustment to my foot orthotics, I am running painfree for the first time in years. I would highly recommend WalkWell to any runner suffering from leg pain.”

Jeff S.

“I practically crawled into WalkWell Rehab because of the pain in my foot… I went from stumbling along to walking without any pain! Chris truly works miracles! I am so very appreciaive.”

Carol L.

“After 13 months of suffering through debilitating left hamstring pain, I had given up hope. Two courses of PT and multiple trips to my primary and orthopedic specialist brought little relief. WalkWell changed all that! Throughout the entire process of evaluation and treatment, I believed from the start that I would one day be painfree. Today, I have never felt better!”

Chad K.
Program Manager for ESPN

I’ve had major ankle issues for over 15 years and have seen several PT’s and specialists but saw no progress until I came to WalkWell. After only 10 visits, I have made more progress than in the 15 years combined. The individual attention and rehab is without peer. And on the 8th day, God created WalkWell!

Tom L.
Ipswich, MA

As a family physician, I thought I knew a fair bit about musculoskeletal problems and their treatments. But after a few treatments, I had learned a tremendous amount of new things about physical medicine. I have not felt better in years! I now recommend Chris to all my patients who need orthotics or evaluation and treatment of muscle conditions of the lower extremities.”

Phillip B.
MD of Family Medicine Associates

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