Why do YOU need foot orthotics?

Many people with foot pain turn to drug store arch supports for relief, but only get frustration. Don’t be one of the 68% of Americans that think it’s “normal” for their feet to hurt.

What are foot orthotics?

Foot orthotics are inserts that are placed directly within your shoes. They are used to control abnormal motion such as flat feet, provide shock absorption for high arches or painful knees, or relieve painful areas such as heel spurs, bunions, and callouses.

Why should I have CUSTOM orthotics made?

The only way to ensure proper fit and to get the maximum benefit is to have foot orthotics customized to your unique needs.

Who should make my orthotics?

Don’t be fooled into spending $300 for foot orthotics! You can count on WalkWell Foot Orthotics to provide you with effective and affordable custom foot orthotics.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. The entire process takes an hour. Please call or use our 24 hour self scheduler to make an appointment.  We fabricate custom foot orthotics in Beverly from 8:30 to 6:30 on Wednesdays and by appointment only in Newburyport.

Can my flat feet be causing my knee pain or back pain?

The short answer is YES. Every patient at WalkWell receives a thorough biomechanical evaluation. We will examine your foot posture and gait mechanics in order to determine the influence of faulty foot mechanics on the entire kinetic chain. The kinetic chain is the “chain” of joints from your toes up to your spine. Every step you take has a cumulative effect on adjacent joints. Just imagine the torque that is created at your knee, hip, and low back when your foot is severely flattening during the average 8-10,000 steps we take every day.