At OrthoWell, we are focused on quality outcomes. We participated in a functional outcomes project called FOTO or Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes. FOTO has amassed over 3.4 million rehabilitation episodes of care in the FOTO database. FOTO is being used by over 19,600 clinicians and over 4,200 clinics within all 50 states.

You can read more about FOTO here.

Each patient completed a FOTO survey on the day of the initial evaluation and on the day of discharge. The results on day 1 are compared to the results on the day of discharge to see how well both the patient and the PT performed. Check out the widget below to see a summary of these results.


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Kathy Rand

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me regain function, flexibility & confidence after my shoulder surgery. You are THE BEST!!10/5/18


Functional Outcomes & Satisfaction Results 2019

2019_ALL_12 Months

2019_ALL_Satisfaction_12 Months


Functional Outcomes & Satisfaction Results 2018

2018_ALL_12 Months



Functional Outcomes & Satisfaction Results 2017

2017_ALL_12 Months

2017_ALL_Satisfaction_12 Months

Functional Outcomes Results 2016

Functional Outcomes Results 2015

Functional Outcomes Results 2014

Functional Outcomes Results 2013