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Are you unable to enjoy walking or running because of pain in your foot?

Have you missed out on playing with your kids or activities you love because you’re afraid of aggravating your foot pain?

Do you find yourself worrying more about your foot pain and whether it will ever go away rather than living your life?

Have you TRIED EVERYTHING and just want to get back to normal?

If you answered yes to these questions, then we are here to help. The treatment of foot pain & planar fasciitis is one of our specialties.


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If you would like to learn more about how we treat foot pain and plantar fasciitis in our clinic then continue reading.

So what causes foot pain?

68% of Americans think it’s normal for their feet to hurt. Why is that? Because when people ask others if their feet hurt, they usually say YES.

There are many causes of foot pain. These include things such as:

  1. Plantar fasciitis
  2. Metatarsalgia
  3. Sesamoiditis
  4. Neuromas
  5. Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  6. Insertional tendinitis of the posterior tibialis, anterior tibialis  or peroneals
  7. Arthritis of the big toe joint

If you have already been diagnosed with one of the above conditions, then I am sure you have already done some internet research. We would like to take your research a step further.

We see a number of Beverly and Newburyport residents for plantar fasciitis treatment. You can read about the main causes of foot pain as well as one of the most common foot conditions that we see in our clinic: plantar fasciitis. Our Treatment Guide will provide the answers and the treatment strategies that you are looking for.

Our Principles of Plantar Fasciitis Treatment:

  1. Activity Modification:  It is very important to modify your activities and encourage healing. Read more about the P.R.I.C.E acronym by clicking on P.R.I.C.E. .
  2. Specialized Manual Therapy Techniques:  We use techniques such as Graston TechniqueActive Release Technique, Trigger Point Dry Needling,  Cupping Therapy,  and Deep Tissue Laser TherapyThese techniques stimulate healing and  loosen scar tissue. Scar tissue can function to impair your mobility and act like adhesions or “knots” in your foot, your calf and your hamstrings.  It is  very important to address the restrictions throughout the “kinetic chain”.
  3. Differential Diagnosis:  In some circumstances, chronic heel pain can be the result of sciatica.  This is due to irritation or entrapment of the sciatic nerve or one of its branches.  The entrapment may be due to a herniated disc in the spine or due to a soft tissue entrapment somewhere along the lower extremity chain.  This is why we assess your condition from the ground up!
  4. Stretching:   Stretching exercises are used to increase the length and elasticity of your tissues. It is very important to correct the abnormal position of the heel while stretching the calf so as to not place an asymmetrical strain on the tissues that attach to the heel. If your sciatic nerve is involved or if you have severely flat feet, then some stretches may actually make you worse.
  5. Strengthening:   We use graded and controlled resistive exercises to re-condition damaged tissue and to create the global circulatory effect needed for healing.
  6. Altered Bio-mechanical Forces:  We use evidence-based strategies such as taping techniques and foot orthotic fabrication to control damaging bio-mechanical forces. Click on Custom Foot Orthotics to read more and see our videos on how we fabricate foot orthotics for each of the conditions listed above.
  7. Home Exercise Program: The rest is up to you!  Compliance with your home exercise program is paramount to a speedy recovery.

The fundamentally most important part of treating foot pain and plantar fasciitis is understanding bio-mechanics (what happens when your foot hits the ground) and safe, effective pain management strategies. Here is a link to our YouTube channel for FREE education and videos on the Best Exercise for plantar fasciitis & foot pain. Our channel is called Best 3 Strategies.


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