The OrthoWell System is the foundation on which we build a solid and strong team of physical therapists. Every physical therapist that graduates today has a doctorate of physical therapy. However, this does not mean that all graduating therapists have the same level of expertise. This is just as true with more experienced therapists. Just because you had physical therapy, does not mean that you have had the RIGHT physical therapy. This is where the OrthoWell System comes into play.

Every physical therapist that is employed at OrthoWell goes through a comprehensive mentorship and training program. It is our goal to provide to all of our physical therapists a foundation of knowledge that builds around the therapist’s existing knowledge or expertise. This foundation includes comprehensive training in:

  • Bio-mechanical evaluation
  • Evidence-based exercises
  • Specialized manual therapy techniques
  • Patient education
  • Foot Orthotics
  • Clinical reasoning

The OrthoWell System is essentially an evidence-based approach to the process of evaluation and treatment that enables us to maximize your results in minimal time.  We approach our evaluation as though everything is connected. Every one of our patients is evaluated from the ground up. Our goal on the day of your evaluation is to uncover imbalances in the system and to determine their influence on your pain.

Our system has its groundings in our mission statement, core values, and vision statement which you can read HERE. The OrthoWell System is what sets us apart from other physical therapy clinics. It is our formula for YOUR success in physical therapy!

When you come to OrthoWell for your physical therapy you don’t have to worry whether you got the right therapist or whether your physical therapist has enough training. The OrthoWell System takes care of that for you!