WalkWell Rehabilitation is a specialty, “niche” part of OrthoWell.  Most physical therapy clinics don’t specialize like we do.  We specialize in biomechanical evaluation (the study of body movement), gait assessments, and treatment of all orthopedic conditions of the lower extremity.  Our expertise in treating the “chain” of joints from your toes to your back is the reason our therapists will maximize your results in minimal time.  Through a sound biomechanical approach, proven manual therapy techniques, and/or custom foot orthotics, you are guaranteed the quickest and best outcomes.

Do not assume that “I tried physical therapy….and it didn’t work!”  Quality outcomes in physical therapy are accomplished with quality, evidence-based treatment.  An appropriate plan of care can be established only after a thorough and complete biomechanical evaluation.

All physical therapy is NOT created equal!  Try us and find out!