Education is POWER!

The more you understand about your running technique…

The more you understand about the forces that act upon your body while running…

The more you understand about the proper way to manage both the acute and chronic stresses that can take place with running..

The better AND the smarter runner you will become..

Let us show you the way!

You can do this in 2 ways…

Come on in for a running analysis as described below OR

Come to one of our workshops “Becoming a Better, Smarter Runner” and we will take you through the proper steps of running analysis via instruction and demonstration as well as educate you regarding the proper way to manage your body from a mechanical and a physical therapy viewpoint. You can join us for one of our advertised workshops or arrange a workshop in our clinic for your running group.


Running Assessment

Your running assessment includes a video gait analysis using RunStride sensor pods. These pods analyze the mechanics and forces that act upon your foot as you run. They provide us with a comprehensive stream of data in real-time as well as a summary of all metrics after the run. We also use Hudl Technique software to perform a slow motion analysis of your running technique. The assessment is performed on a treadmill and takes 30 minutes to perform the assessment and analyze the data.  You will receive the Hudl video analysis and RunStride data via email after the assessment.

Your bio-mechanical evaluation will be a running-specific assessment of your entire body to identify areas of stiffness, weakness and or muscular imbalance that may be adversely affecting your running performance.

You will receive a video gait analysis that we will analyze frame by frame so that you can see the connection between your running form and the findings from our bio-mechanical analysis. We will provide you a copy of your video analysis.

From this comparative analysis, we will then determine the best corrective exercises and suggestions for you to enhance your running performance in order to achieve your goals. We will provide you with all the documentation that you will need to succeed.



We are offering a 50% discount on the price of the running analysis to first time patients to OrthoWell, to any member of a local running group or to our current active patients. This introductory offer would be $35. The regular price for the running analysis is $70.

Take the Next Step

A running specific physical therapy evaluation can be performed following the running analysis. We would perform a comparative analysis of the findings of the running analysis to the findings of the physical therapy evaluation and provide you with a wellness plan to optimize your performance. The physical therapy evaluation as well as follow-up visits to instruct you in appropriate exercise and strategies for improvement should be covered by your health insurance. Otherwise the running specific physical therapy evaluation would be $70.