Welcome to the world of Corporate Wellness.


As a member or our  Wellness Program, you will experience our commitment to your short-term and long-term health and wellness...results that you will feel at work, at home, and at play!

If you are new to OrthoWell, our wellness goal is to provide the best in physical therapy as well as the best in wellness services to alleviate pain, maximize strength, optimize performance and prevent recurrence of pain or injury… for a LIFETIME!

So how can we partner with you in order to do that?

The Answer:

Becoming a preferred member in our Corporate Wellness Program!!

You have a lot of options to maintain your health and wellness. We want to provide you with an affordable option to make the OrthoWell Corporate Wellness Program your FIRST choice. Read what Barbara had to say about our program:

“The Wellness Program at OrthoWell is really working well for me. Historically, I would look into PT “late in the game”. By that time, I would be in severe pain and be pretty dysfunctional. Now, I see the OrthoWell team monthly so I never get to that desperate state any longer. I started with the 6 treatment package at first but now maintain your round. Thank you so much for this new option” – Barbara P.

Barbara P.  4/20/16


Finally! A corporate wellness program designed specifically for small businesses.

A systematic analysis of more than 62 peer-reviewed articles concluded that companies that provide staff with access to corporate wellness  programs (like the one offered to you at OrthoWell) experienced a 25% reduction in costs related to sick leave, workers’ compensation, health, and disability insurance. (1)

In addition, the U.S. DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that paid leave and health benefits alone comprise at least 14.5% of employee compensation. (2)

When taken together, this means that for every $10,000 in wages paid,, you also pay $1,450 in health related costs. With the 25% reduction you can expect from participation in a corporate wellness program, you’re looking at saving $362.50 per $10,000 of payroll. Depending on your industry, your numbers could be higher. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, June 9, 2017)

 Aside from the direct cost savings, wellness incentive programs also improve employee morale – there’s no downside.

OrthoWell Physical Therapy will keep you and your business healthy, fit, and productive by utilizing a team of physical therapists and physical therapy trainers at the convenience of clinics located in Beverly at the Cummings Center and as well as in Newburyport

  1. http://fortune.com/2015/04/13/corporate-wellness/
  2. https://www.bls.gov/news.release/ecec.nr0.htm- Employer Costs for Employee Compensation


What are the benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program?

When you experience the OrthoWell approach to physical therapy, you realize that we do things a little differently. We are not paint-by-the-numbers physical therapists. We are holistic. We are truly passionate about figuring out what is wrong with you.

You can trust us with your health and trust our ability to medically manage your care with a team approach. Click HERE to meet our team.

Whether you choose to return on a weekly, monthly or a bi-monthly basis, your wellness sessions will begin with a comprehensive re-evaluation by your physical therapist. You can decide whether we address on old problem or evaluate a new one.

Each session would include a refinement or progression of your exercises as well as a hands-on manual therapy session that could include anyone of our specialized techniques such as Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Cupping Therapy, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Manipulation or Trigger Point Dry Needling.

You could also sign up for maintenance sessions to optimize your performance and maximize your strength. We can show you the way!

Your complete Wellness Program will be medically managed by your physical therapist. What this means is that your PT will establish a comprehensive wellness plan of care that can be modified at your discretion

Our commitment is to KEEP you healthy and pain-free...at work..at home...and at play!

If we decide that formal PT is required due to a recent exacerbation or injury, then we will consult with your physician and resume PT. Formal PT should be payed for by your health insurance company thus saving your wellness visits for later.

We realize that your time and money is important so we don’t want to waste it.

So, to summarize the benefits that you would receive:

  1. Consistent care on a monthly basis
  2. Expert re-evaluation of your condition to prevent future injuries
  3. Preventing a return of your previous injury or pain
  4. Maximizing your strength and performance.

So how do you join our Wellness Program?

Simply choose your package below and call us to get started.

There is limited availability for this service as we want to insure continuity and quality of care for all of our members.

Physical Therapy Maintenance Package

As mentioned above, these sessions would include a re-evaluation of your condition, a refinement or progression of your exercises and a hands-on manual therapy session that could include anyone of our specialized manual therapy techniques such as Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Cupping Therapy, Manipulation/Mobilization as well as additional Deep Tissue Laser Therapy or Trigger Point Dry Needling. These sessions last from 45 min to 60 minutes and include guidance from our trainers.

6 session package $420 or $70 per session (save $60 from single visit rate of $80)

12 session package $780 or $65 per session (save $180 from single visit rate of $80)

Manual Therapy only 20 minute session $50 ($15 extra for laser or dry needling or $20 for both)

Why take a risk with your health?

In life there are no guarantees, but why take a chance on your health? Convince yourself that you are doing the most to OPTIMIZE your health. Partner with us to take control of your long-term health and wellness. What are you waiting for?

Here is our brochure that outlines the benefits of corporate wellness. (We no longer offer in-house massage or personal training services as we have found our patients get better results with treatment by our physical therapists).

Here is our introductory letter.

Corporate Wellness Introduction Letter

Corporate Wellness Brochure and List of Services

Here are 3 programs offered within the corporate wellness program:

WorkWell flyer

CompeteWell Flyer

RunWell Flyer