Chris Dukarski, PT

is the owner of both OrthoWell Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy and WalkWellFoot Orthoticsin Beverly,MA.  He has over 25 years of experience treating all spinal and extremity orthopedic and sports conditions with an emphasis in comprehensive bio-mechanical evaluation and the fabrication of custom foot orthotics. He graduated summa cum laude from Wayne State University in 1990.  He completed a one year residency program in Orthopedic Manual Therapy in 1996 with emphasis in the mobilization and manipulation of the spine and extremities.  He trained directly with David Graston in his Indiana clinic.  He has also become advanced certified in the Graston Technique.  Chris is full-body certified in ART (Active Release Technique) for the Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Spine.  He has also become certified in an effective hands-on pain management technique called Pain Reflex Release Technique and has been trained in Total Motion Release. Chris performed an independent and comprehensive review of the literature on the conservative treatment of heel pain with intention to perform clinical research to validate his physical therapy treatment protocol for plantar fasciitis.  He has attended dozens of the nation’s premier orthopedic, sports, and foot orthotic seminars and he continues to investigate orthotic, biomechanical, and treatment challenges through self-study and continuing education. His passion for sharing his insights and educating his patients is evident in his blog postings and website at His enthusiasm and expert knowledge has enabled Chris to create a team of therapists that will maximize your results in minimum time.

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Ivan Velev,DPT

graduated from Boston University with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017 and currently lives in Everett, MA. Ivan has wide experience in treating individuals across the lifespan with a variety of orthopedic injuries, but his passion lies with treating those with chronic pain. Also, Ivan’s interest and passion for sport and exercise stands out in his patient and sport specific treatments. In his spare time, Ivan loves spending time with his family as well as playing the ukulele. Above all, Ivan is excited about helping people get back to what they enjoy doing through compassionate and evidence based care. He is looking forward to developing his skills as a Physical Therapist at OrthoWell PT.


Cam Viger

Cam Viger

Graduated from Salem State University with a bachelors in Exercise Science. Cam has aspirations to become a Physical Therapist and is currently working towards getting into a PT Program. Cam takes pride in his fitness experience, which contributes to the satisfaction he gets when sharing this knowledge to others. When he isn’t working, Cam likes to spend time with his family and dogs, as well as going to the beach. Overall, Cam is excited about working as an aide for Orthowell Physical Therapy is dedicated to improve the lives of every patient through hard work and consistency.

Tasha Zulak

After studying Psychology at Franklin Pierce University, Tasha began working in the health and fitness industry. Tasha is particularly passionate about the positive effects that exercise can have on mental health and functioning, as well as the psychology involved in the long term rehabilitation process.Tasha moved to Massachusetts in 2008, from Prince Edward Island, Canada. In her spare time, Tasha enjoys playing the ukulele and serenading her dog Tuukka.