Put $$ in your pocket! Refer a friend program!


I am excited to announce a new program being offered at OrthoWell Physical Therapy. It’s called our Friends and Family Appreciation Program. We’ve been really fortunate to have received much praise and appreciation for the quality of our physical therapy services. You can see for yourself at our website on the Patient Testimonials and the Patient Satisfaction Survey pages. We are truly grateful for all the kind words that our patients have shared with us and have shared with their families. Truly, the best way that our patients can say thank you is to refer a friend or family member to OrthoWell for physical therapy or to WalkWell for custom foot orthotics. A very important part of our mission statement is to “establish lifelong partnerships with our patients and with the community in optimizing health and wellness.”

It is only fair that we show OUR appreciation for your referrals by offering YOU a referral discount that can be applied to a maintenance physical therapy session or to your next pair of custom foot orthotics. We are offering a 20 dollar appreciation discount on each and every friend or family member that you refer to us who either starts physical therapy services or purchases a pair of custom foot orthotics. All you have to do is make sure your friend or family member mentions YOUR name and we will keep the running tally of all of your referrals. It’s that easy!

So why should you refer to us? Hopefully, you refer because you want your friend or family member to receive the same quality of service that you did. I would like to share with you two recent patient stories as further reason WHY you should refer to us.

Patient #1:
This patient received physical therapy at two different clinics within the past 6 months for a diagnosis of low back pain. She came to OrthoWell because her symptoms were unresolved. Upon evaluation, it was determined that she presented with a 1 cm undiagnosed leg length discrepancy which was contributing to her lumbar scoliosis. She was issued a heel lift. She also was not thoroughly reeducated in lifestyle and work modifications in order to control the biomechanical stresses that were being placed on her lumbar discs as a result of her gardening. She responded extremely well to a McKenzie extension program in combination with manual traction and spinal stabilization exercises. Her pain was completely resolved after 7 visits! Lesson #1: don’t assume that you tried physical therapy and it didn’t work! It is all about the RIGHT physical therapy!

Patient #2:
This patient was a graduating physical therapy student who came to us for treatment. She acknowledged that upon completion of her PT program she did “not feel confident with her training in outpatient orthopedics.” She reported that her orthopedic physical therapy teacher in PT school “hadn’t been in the clinic for years.” Unfortunately, this lack of experience is the result of inadequate training with some of our PT training programs. Lesson #2: don’t assume that your physical therapist is adequately trained. Know it…by coming and referring to OrthoWell!!

The other part of our mission statement is to “maximize your results in minimal time using the BEST in evidence based care, comprehensive evaluations and patient education.” At OrthoWell and WalkWell, you don’t have to worry whether you are receiving a comprehensive evaluation or whether your therapist is properly trained. So, please, refer your friends and family members so they can experience the same quality results that you did.