What is Four Points To Fitness?

Four Points to Fitness is one of the wellness programs offered here at OrthoWell. It is our attempt to reform the system. It is our attempt to curb the tide of untreated pediatric Flat Foot Syndrome. Just as a chair needs 4 legs or your house needs 4 walls to achieve stability, your child needs to address 4 things to maximize his or her stability. These 4 things are:

   1. Functional Control

  2. Structural Control

3. Proper Flexibility

   4. Maximum Strength 


What to Expect During Your 4 Points to Fitness Appointment


At your first appointment, we will perform a comprehensive Biomechanical Evaluation and Functional Movement Screen to determine the imbalances in the system.



#1 Achieve structural control via orthotic and shoe interventions

#2 Achieve functional mobility via instruction in proper body mechanics and functional movement awareness

#3 Improve flexibility via instruction in proper biomechanical stretches

#4 Maximize strength of the foot and lower extremity musculature


Each session is priced at a discounted $70 if you do NOT have insurance that will cover physical therapy. We also offer discounted group rates for up to 6 students or teammates. Please call for more details.


If you haven’t listened to our CD “What Every Parent Needs to Know About Their Child’s Flat Feet”, then CLICK HERE and do it now. It’s FREE! We will see you and your child soon!

what parents should know about flat feet


To learn more about our 4 Points to Fitness programs and get the treatment you need for flat feet, give us call at 1-978-522-4199 now.