Types of Manual Therapy

At OrthoWell, we will provide you with the most up-to-date, evidence-based approach to manual therapy. Your treatment may include any combination of our specialized techniques and joint mobilizations and/or manipulations.

What is manual Therapy? Broadly defined, “it is the use of the hands in a curative and healing manner.”

Manipulation is defined as a small- amplitude, high-velocity thrust technique which may or may not produce an audible or palpable sound or “cavitation”. There are many theories for the cause of the cavitation but it is commonly defined as a pressure change in the joint due to the rapid nature of the manipulation.

Mobilizations are low-velocity techniques that can be performed in various parts of the available range based on the desired effect.

Manual Therapy Techniques

We perform many different types of mobilizations and manipulations from varying schools of thought including the following:

*Orthopedic Manual Therapy  (OMT) is a Norwegian-based approach to manual therapy established by two internationally acclaimed physical therapists, Freddy Kaltenborn and Olaf Evjenth.  OMT is a biomechanically-based approach to the evaluation and treatment of all orthopedic conditions of the spine and extremities. During a year-long, post-graduate residency program, the physical therapist is trained in the art and science of evaluation, differential diagnosis, peripheral joint mobilization, and spinal manipulation.

*Maitland Mobilization and Manipuation Techniques

*McKenzie Approach

*Mulligan Mobilization Techniques

*Butler Neuromobilization Techniques

Manual Therapy for Low Back Pain

Did you know that a low back manipulation has been shown to have an average of 50% improvement in pain in predominant low back pain! That’s especially true if you just recently started having pain. It works primarily by resetting the nervous system, relaxing stiff muscles, and turning on muscles that have been short circuited. There is also MINIMAL RISK; in fact there is a 1 in 3.7 million chance of having an adverse effect  and a higher chance that you will experience a cardiac event walking down the street.

Click HERE for the APTA position on manipulation.

"I just wanted to express my thanks for the treatment I received from Chris today. I came in with a sharp twinge and could not move my neck. He was able to evaluate my needs and give me a cervical manipulation. It worked perfectly and I was pain free the next day."        - MariPaul Mcginn, 3/15/18


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