The Formula For Running Pain Free

The Formula For Running Pain free


This book turned out to be a labor of love. It has arisen out of my passion to
discover the truth. The truth behind running as well as the truth behind MY
potential as a runner. I hope that you find my commentary just as insightful
as the research and as the writing has been for me.


The more that I read about running, study running technique, and learn from
my own mistakes, the more emboldened I’ve become as a runner. Who we consult to determine the proper path in accomplishing
our goals can be THE determining factor in success or failure. It certainly was
for me. Every running coach has a different level of experience. Every
physical therapist has a different level of experience. It is up to you to
become the educated consumer, the informed runner, and to advocate for
your own health and wellness. What I would like to do is to share my
“education”. I have read the running literature extensively and wish to
consolidate a wealth of information and reference as much as possible. I will
present current thought and research behind the evolution of running, the
evolution of running shoes, and the controversy and merits behind different
running techniques. I will summarize the findings of my research by

highlighting key points and strategies for unlocking your potential as a

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