Are Rotator Cuff Tears Inevitable?

Factors For Success With Your Rotator Cuff Repair
As our society stays more active into our later years, shoulder rotator cuff tears are becoming more prevalent. 13% of persons over the age of 50 and 50% of persons over the age of 80 will experience a rotator cuff tear (RCT). 1/3 of these tears will present as pain, loss of ROM, or decrease in function. If conservative measures fail, surgery may be your only option. The study below looked at positive patient outcomes with surgery and the demographics leading into it. Some factors that the patient can control included higher bone mineral density, increased higher level of sport activity and the absence of obesity. If you are preparing yourself for RCT surgery, talk to your PT or PCP on how you can manage your health to set you up for success. CLICK HERE for article.