The importance of closed-chain exercise.

Closed chain exercises for the lower extremities (exercise with you feet contacting the floor) should be an integral part of your rehabilitation program.  They are important in terms of regaining dynamic stability and improving neuromuscular control.  Co-contraction of the muscles on all sides of a joint occurs only thru closed chain or weight bearing activities.  An effective program for a patient with an ACL tear of the knee should include exercises such as squats, lunges, and step-ups.  A patient recovering from an ankle sprain should perform balance board activities.  In terms of patello-femoral dysfunction or pain in the region of your kneecap, the literature describes a strong link between hip weakness (especially the hip abductors and external rotators) and P-F pain.  Open chain exercises such as straight leg raises should be performed in every plane of motion.  Closed chain exercises should incorporate multi-planar strengthening as well.  The following exercises include hip abductor resistance during a functional squat exercise and hip adductor resistance during a lunge.  Creativity is the key to devising a more functional and sport specific program.

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