Could This Really Be a Quick Fix for Tendonitis?

Ever heard of tendinopathy? It is a degenerative condition that usually occurs at the insertion point of a tendon. Remember that tendons are what attach a muscle to a bone. There is a lot of evidence that chronic tendon pain is NOT an -itis or inflammation, but is actually degenerative. It is very common in your achilles, patellar, and hamstring tendons.

The latest research on tendinopathy points to the positive pain relieving effect of isometric contractions. Isometrics are sustained holds of a muscle contraction without any movement ie pushing your hand against the wall in order to contract your rotator cuff tendon. An immediate relief of pain has been demonstrated after performing a pain-free isometric contraction for 30 seconds. You could incorporate 3 reps of 30 second isometric contractions of the affected tendon 1-2x per day.

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Read the abstract HERE or the actual article HERE.