Foot orthotic devices (FOD’s) are widely used and prescribed for foot conditions ranging from diabetes to overuse injuries to plantar fasciitis.  A myriad of prefabricated and custom devices are now available.  The method by which the practitioner prescribes a device is determined more by his or her previous clinical experience than by conclusive scientific evidence.  The variability of FOD’s used in research as well as the prevalently small sample sizes (<20 subjects) makes it difficult to extrapolate useful clinical information.  There is, however, strong evidence that selected FOD’s prevent injury reoccurrence in runners and athletes in general.  FOD’s have also been shown to reduce impact loading by 10-20%.  What research does NOT prove is that foot orthoses control alignment like we think they do!!

The majority of foot orthotic research focuses on control of rearfoot motion in the frontal plane.  While there are numerous studies that demonstrate NO effect on rearfoot motion, most report that FOD’s result in control of some aspects of rear-foot motion such as peak eversion, eversion excursion, and/or eversion velocity.  The average amount of rear-foot motion control reported in the literature is on the order of 2-3 degrees.  That’s it!  The question is whether this 2-3 degrees is clinically significant—or can the observed control be explained in a different way?

WalkWell Foot Orthotics
Is   DIFFERENT   from   the   competition!!!

Each patient at WalkWell is evaluated by an orthopedic physical therapist with 19 years of experience treating disorders of the lower extremity and fabricating custom foot orthoses.  The evaluation includes a gait analysis and a complete biomechanical assessment.  Special materials of varying density and firmness are directly molded to the foot in order to create a completely CUSTOM orthotic WHILE YOU WAIT!!  The process is complete in ONE HOUR.


Each patient is thoroughly educated in proper footwear, stretching, and pain management strategies.  All follow-up adjustments are included.  Simply refer your patient to WalkWell Orthotics and we will do the rest!!

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