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Get Rid Of Your Arthritis Pain TODAY!

If you’re experiencing any pain, especially from arthritis, you are going to want to check this out…

The combination of our high powered laser and 1-TDC cream for arthritic pain has been awesome… the results have been so great that we wanted to offer a discounted laser package to all past and present patients…

This is perfect for:

  • Arthritis sufferers

  • People who’ve had an Xray or MRI and have been told you have “bone on bone”

  • People with arthritis in the back, neck, shoulder, knees or hips

  • Especially if you’re interested in healing your pain naturally, without pain medication, injections, or surgery…

It’s perfect for you if you’re looking to reduce pain, feel younger, or stop taking medication.

The laser has been called a “magic wand” by some patients because of its ability to reduce pain so quickly. However, our most consistent results are achieved with laser 3x per week for 2 week and using the 1-TDC cream 2x per day. So……

We are offering a 6 session laser treatment package to all of our past and present patients at OrthoWell for $78.00 and that includes a bottle of 1-TDC cream which you can read about HERE.  

All you have to do is to respond to this email with a good time to start your sessions or just give us a call at 978-522-4199.



 PS – Click on the You Tube link below to hear what one our patients had to say about laser.

 Best In Health,


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