Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique or ART is a patented and proven manual therapy technique that can speed recovery from injury or surgery.  ART can alleviate symptoms that have been unresponsive to other treatments. Certified practitioners for the NBA, NFL, PGA Tour, and Ironman events utilize Active Release Technique.  It is a hands-on system that allows the practitioner to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries and peripheral nerve entrapments. ART uses the fundamentals of anatomy and biomechanics to determine and to treat dysfunction in the system.  The “touch” is developed through a comprehensive certification process.  At OrthoWell/Walkwell , we are certified in Active Release Technique for the lower extremity.

So how does it work?  As repetitive injury or cumulative stress occurs to soft tissue, the normal longitudinal arrangement of fibers can become disrupted via the haphazard and erratic formation of scar tissue.  Stretching a muscle with scar tissue only stretches the area above and below the “knot”.  Hence, more stress occurs at the point of dysfunction.  ART entails the application of specific pressure via one’s thumbs or hands on an area of fibrosis or adhesion as the patient actively or passively moves through a specific, guided range of motion.  The “knot” will release through the applied tension.


After 13 months of suffering through debilitating left hamstring pain, I had given up hope.  Two courses of PT and multiple trips to my primary and orthopedic specialist brought little relief.  WalkWell changed all that!  Throughout the entire process of evaluation and treatment, I believed from the start that I would one day be painfree.  Today, I have never felt better!”
Chad Konecky, Program Manager for ESPN

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