What kind of foot orthotic do you need??

Have you been asked this question? Let me help you with the foot condition that you probably diagnose most often – plantar fasciitis!!

The purpose of foot orthotics with a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis is to decrease the strain on the plantar fascia. Kogler, in his articles in Clinical Biomechanics, has provided evidence highlighting the effect of several variables on plantar fascia strain. Let me give you a summary:

  • Heel lifts do NOT decrease the strain on the plantar fascia
  • A wedge placed under the outside of the forefoot decreased the strain.
  • A wedge placed under the inside of the forefoot increased the strain.
  • Foot orthotics that raise the apex of the arch and prevent excessive loading of the first ray (the inside part of foot) are the most effective in reducing plantar fascia strain.

The foot orthotic should be custom molded, fit snugly up against the navicular bone, and flare away from the outside aspect of the foot. The orthotic can include a post under the outside 4 metatarsal heads. We call this post a reverse Morton’s extension. It will allow the first ray  to be in a downward position relative to the other metatarsals. As a result, we decrease the strain on the plantar fascia.

At WalkWell, biomechanical analysis is our specialty. We can fabricate custom foot orthotics as well as provide comprehensive and evidence based physical therapy. We hope to hear from you soon!!

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