How Can “Cups” Heal Your Injuries Faster? Cure for Plantar Fasciitis?

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I want to share with you what my staff and I have learned to improve your experience at OrthoWell and to remind you how awesome you CAN feel. Read on and let’s get you back on track.

How can “Cups” Heal your Injuries Faster?

This Unique Eastern Technique Has Been Used for 1000’s of Years 

If I were to tell you that putting suction cups on your point of pain would help you recover from injuries faster, would you believe me? If you’re hesitant, I don’t blame you. I had been treating patients for over 2 decades and it wasn’t until I personally experienced the benefits of cupping therapy when I became convinced. I couldn’t believe that something so simple could work so well.

Cupping therapy may sound strange but it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. We are finding that this supplemental therapy actually increased the effectiveness of other techniques that we use in our clinic.

If you haven’t experienced cupping therapy in our clinic then click the video below to see a demonstration.

Does your foot hurt? 

Start feeling better TODAY! 

Our goal with the Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Guide is to help people who are struggling with foot pain and its yours – FOR FREE!

If you are interested in gaining the knowledge to heal yourself or have a friend that is in need of help, then our treatment guide is the right place to start. Foot pain can really wear you down. We want to help you return to living a normal, happy and PAIN-FREE life.

We have put together the ONLY comprehensive protocol for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. We want to show you how YOU can help yourself.



Prevent Your Pain from EVER coming back

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This option is for those of you who want the consistency of care on a monthly basis but do not want to spend all the money up front for a Preferred package. This program allows us to automatically debit your credit card on a monthly basis. It includes all of the features of the Preferred Program and is priced at $60 per session. You can schedule an ongoing appointment or call to schedule as needed. If you dont use it, you will NOT lose it. We will just keep track of what you have used or not used. However, the purpose of our maintenance is programs is to use them consistently in order to prevent any reccurence of pain. We would only need a 60 day advance notice to cancel the program.



After completing a round of physical therapy with Chris and Matt at Orthowell I am so pleased with the results. I came in barely able to run 3 miles without pain and within 2 weeks I saw a difference. I appreciate the education they provide as well. What I love most about their office is the access to multiple types of treatment. ART, Laser, Cupping and Massage all played a role in my recovery. The icing on the cake is the friendly service I received!”Meg King


We have started a Wall of Fame at each of our clinics. We are proud of our patients and the success that they have had.  If you have previously provided us with a testimonial, we would love to take your picture with your therapist and hang it with your testimonial for display it in our clinic!  Seeing is believing! Here is Beverly so far…..

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