Miracle Cure for Stiff Hamstrings? Save $$ on Monthly Maintenance

Happy New Year!!

 2016 has arrived. Thank you once again for helping to make 2015 one of our best years ever at OrthoWell.
The start of a new year is a time for resolutions. You may want to consider resolving to NEVER have a recurrence of pain by joining our Wellness Membership program. Read more below to save dough!

I want to share with you what my staff and I have learned to improve your experience at OrthoWell and to remind you how awesome you CAN feel. Read on and let’s get you back on track.

What REALLY is the cause for your tights hamstrings?? That is the first question we ask when we evaluate you at OrthoWell. Once we discover the cause, the next question is how do we treat it?
There are many approaches from both an exercise and a manual therapy standpoint to release your hamstrings. We are currently getting certified in a new approach, a new paradigm to the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction called Total Motion Release.
TMR focuses on neurologic patterns and connections within your body. TMR focuses on movements of greatest ease to release restrictions in either the same or opposing body parts. For example, treatment for a left frozen shoulder could entail active range of motion exercises of your right shoulder and your left hip instead of direct mobilization of the right frozen shoulder. Seeing is believing. 
The first video is a TMR shoulder “miracle” and the second is a TMR technique to stretch your hamstrings.



Our holiday promotional was a success thanks to YOU! We donated $10 for each new patient that came through our doors from Thanksgiving thru the New Years Eve that was divided between two awesome organizations:

Beverly Bootstraps in Beverly received $460

 Our Neighbors Table in Amesbury received $430

Prevent Your Pain from EVER coming back
Check out this new option for your Wellness Membership Program
This option is for those of you who want the consistency of care on a monthly basis but do not want to spend all the money up front for a Preferred package. This program allows us to automatically debit your credit card on a monthly basis. It includes all of the features of the Preferred Program and is priced at $60 per session. You can schedule an ongoing appointment or call to schedule as needed. If you dont use it, you will NOT lose it. We will just keep track of what you have used or not used. However, the purpose of our maintenance is programs is to use them consistently in order to prevent any reccurence of pain. We would only need a 60 day advance notice to cancel the program.

UltraMan and Our Trainer Extraordinaire
Matt Veiga
I’ve been running since the 6th grade. I ran cross country and track through high school and college. After college I completely transitioned from running on roads to running on the trails.  I ran my first trail marathon at Stone Cat trail marathon in 2011. The USATF New England Mountain Series is a series of races that focus on climbing and in some cases climbing and descending different mountains through MA, ME, and VT.  Over the past 2 years, I have placed 3rd overall and have become a regular in the top five of all the races.  The mountain series got me hooked on trail racing and the different approach it takes to do well.  The trail and mountain races require you to be strong uphill in addition to having leg speed for the flats and downs. 
In addition to running mountain races the past two year I have also run 2 ultra marathons which is any distance over the standard 26.2 mile marathon distance.  Specifically I have run two 50k trail races or 31 miles.  I have wanted to run an ultra since learning about 100 miles races in high school.  For some sick reason it just seemed like a lot of fun to me.  Like the mountain races, there are a whole different set of principals you need to learn as an ultra runner and it keeps you interested and working hard to reach your goals.  Next year I hope to move up to the 50 mile distance while continuing to have success in the mountain series.  
You can request private coaching services with Matt. He also has a blog at 

Sometimes injuries happen and you need some help. Check out what a recent Beverly patient said about his care here at OrthoWell:
“After a bad fall in the shower I damaged my knee. The injury was painful when I walked upstairs or at a fast pace. After several months of slow recovery I started physical therapy at OrthoWell with Chris and his wonderful, talented staff. My progress was almost miraculous. For those who doubt there is anything that can be done for pain and limited mobility visit OrthoWell. You will learn a lot about your body to help stay mobile and healthy”  Anthony Metaxas 11/13/15
Do you have low back pain? Check out the testimonial below and see how you can get 100% relief at OrthoWell:

“I came to OrthoWell with severe lower back pain.  Within the first week I could feel an incredible change.  The people are friendly and really understand how to help you.  Leaving OrthoWell I feel 100% better.  I will continue my stretches and continue to get better.  I would highly recommend this to anyone having issues with pain anywhere on their body.  Thank you OrthoWell.” -Melissa Parkhust 12/15/15

We are starting a Wall of Fame at each of our clinics. We are proud of our patients and the success that they have had.  If you have previously provided us with a testimonial, we would love to take your picture with your therapist and hang it with your testimonial for display it in our clinic!  Seeing is believing! 
Give us a call and we’ll schedule a time to take your photo so you can be one of the first patient success stories on our Wall of Fame!