Resistance Bands vs. Free Weights: What’s the deal?

Have you ever wondered which was a better tool for successful strength training?

Should you use resistance bands or free weights?

The simple answer to your question is…BOTH! There is no definitive evidence proving that one is more effective than the other yet some data does suggest an increase in power using resistance bands. When used correctly, however, adding resistance bands AND free weights to your workout is going to optimize muscle, connective tissue and bone strength. Your body does not know the difference between the different types of strength tools that you use. Simply put…resistance is resistance.


Variable resistance training can be very effective when building strength and power. As this video explains, resistance bands add a component which can make it more effective in providing extra tension to isolated muscle groups by increasing resistance throughout the entire range of motion. This resistance increases the further that you stretch the band thus increasing the resistance at the end of the range. You can take advantage of this variable resistance by using it in concentric (shortening) exercise as well as eccentric (lengthening) exercise. This is strength training at its finest!

Hopefully this video and blog will give you some more answers

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