SAVE 41.7% On Your Healthcare Costs

Study shows 41.7% drop in average treatment cost with early physical therapy intervention.

As a physical therapy professional, I’ve always believed that PT is under-prescribed. Then a colleague shared an article from St. Lukes Rehabilitation Institutute. The article featured a table (below) comparing costs for patient care with two randomly assigned back pain groups – one group of early physical therapy intervention (HR-I), and another group of non-intervention (HR-NI).
The early intervention group average cost per patient was 41.7% lower than the non-intervention group.

Cost variable HR-I HR-NI
Healthcare visits related to low back $1,670 $2,677
Narcotic analgesic medicine $70 $160
Psychotropic medicine $24 $55
Work disabilty days/lost wages $7,072 $18,951
Early intervention program $3,885 $N/A
Totals $12,721 $21,843

Although many physicians are in the clinical habit of delaying referral to physical therapy for those presenting with acute episodes of lower limb and back, pain, this report may deserve your consideration for recommending earlier physical therapy intervention.

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