Are you strengthening your hip ADDuctors?

Rehab professionals and strength coaches often focus on training the hip abductors (the glutes) and neglect the adductors (groin muscles).

Why should we care?

A 2015 study found that reduced strength of the adductors (absolute and relative to the hip abductors) 

is associated with increased risk of groin injury in sport. A study on professional ice hockey players  found that they were 17 times more likely to have a groin injury if their adductor strength was less than 80% of their abductor strength. Another study found that 1 in 5 male soccer players will sustain a groin injury during each season. The same study found a 41% reduction in groin injury in the intervention group which performed an Adductor Strengthening Program using one exercise, with three progression levels, three times per week during the preseason (6–8 weeks), and once per week during the competitive season (28 weeks).

How do we perform the Adductor Strenghtening Program?

Take a look at the various progressions below. In the study, athletes were asked to start at level 3. If the exercise was too hard or was pain more than 3/10, then they were asked to regress to level 2. If level 2 provoked pain more than 3/10, they performed level 1. Shown below are the parameters including repetitions and sets.

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