Could this be a cure for chronic illness?

April is national stress awareness month so here at OrthoWell we wanted to share one of the best ways to reduce stress… take a deep breath… and repeat!

Don’t be a “shallow breather” – Shallow breathing means that you are breathing through your mouth using your chest and upper back muscles. This type of breath is considered a stress breath and it can activate the flight or fight response in the sympathetic nervous system. Shallow breathing prevents us from getting adequate oxygen into our systems which can create an oxygen deprivation response that can lead to other chronic illnesses. 
The proper way to breath is to perform a deep diaphragmatic breath that encourages your belly to expand forward allowing for the diaphragm to descend and allow maximum lung expansion and therefore maximum oxygen intake. Proper diaphragmatic breaths should be performed throughout the day to decrease stress, maximize oxygen intake, and to prevent the likelihood of health issues down the line. Check out this article and do some research of your own:
In the meantime, deep breaths!

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