Do you have painful or snapping hips?

Do you have rotatory instability of your hips?

Often overlooked are the muscles found deep in the hip joint called the internal and external rotators.

These muscles are responsible for not only internal and external rotation of the hip but also hip stabilization. Much like the rotator cuff of the shoulder, these muscles are responsible for holding the head of the femur inside of the ball and socket joint of the hip.

When not properly taken care of, pain can arise as well as dysfunction. The link below from Boston Sports Medicine explains that, “Long term dysfunction of these rotators can also increase compressive forces within the hip joint, leading to development or worsening of arthritic changes in the hip.” Therefore, how can you properly maintain healthy hip stabilization? Through strengthening exercises.

Stay tuned for our video next week for some exercise options to add to your program.

Check out the article below to learn more about your hip joint and stay tuned for a video demonstrating some exercises to help stabilize your hips!


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