Equine Gestalt Coaching…Do You Need Help?

I would like to introduce my wife Kelly to our OrthoWell family. She is a certified Equine Gestalt Coach and I feel that many of our current and past patients could benefit from the services that she is offering.

Please read her introduction post below to learn more. You can also visit her website at www.AWildOmen.com
“4 years ago, I was introduced to Melisa Pearce, founder of Touched by a Horse and pioneer of the Horse-Human healing movement. I was fascinated by the EGC method and the powerful ability it had to heal and return someone to a sense of wholeness.

2 years ago I was accepted into this program which is recognized as one of the most rigorous and comprehensive in the industry. Since then, I have completed 328 hours of in-person and out of state training which required traveling to Colorado several times per year while at the same time attending weekly classes, coaching calls, running a business, and taking care of my home life, farm and horses.

It required me to dig deep and explore parts of myself that had been shaded from light. To get to know myself better than ever before so that I could help others do the same. I laughed, I cried, I dreamed, I manifested and I became a better version of me. The best version of me.

Now it’s time for the horses and I to help others in their journey. I’m so excited to launch A Wild Omen, LLC and looking forward to introducing people to the healing power of horses, the opportunity to re-connect with the natural world and true sense of well being.

Please follow @awildomen or join the mailing list found on www.awildomen.com to stay tuned, book a visit or support me on this new endeavor.

Much love,

Kelly Dukarski
From all of us here at OrthoWell we want to wish you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy New Year!!
Be safe!
Chris and the OrthoWell Team

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