standing cable row exercises

How To Get The Most From Your Rows


Standing cable rows are a great row variations that can not only help build upper back and scapular(shoulder blade) strength but also improve core strength.

– Chin should be tucked and neck in a “neutral” position and should remain in that position when initiating the pull and also when squeezing the shoulder blades at the end of the movement.
–  Movement from the arm should be initiated by retracting the shoulder blade and bending back the elbow until it is just about even with the body.  Shoulder blades should then be squeezed back making sure not to shrug the shoulder up.
– Low back should be in a “neutral” position and should not over extended when initiating  the pull or when you squeeze the shoulder blades at the end of the movement.
– Preforming this cable row variation with a single arm will add an anti-rotational component to the movement.  Make sure to resist movement at the pelvis by not letting it rotate.

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