Respokare Flu Fighter Mask

As the incidence of the Delta variant is increasing, we have a suggestion for a mask besides the N95. This mask actually KILLS any virus that lands upon it. It is called the Respokare Flu Fighter Mask.

The great thing about these masks is they offer have a multi layered

defense system. The outermost layer traps viruses and bacteria. The second layer uses copper and zinc ions to kill the virus and bacteria.  The third layer provides an extra layer of filtration before the final layer designed for a comfortable and safe fit.

Remember that mask protection only works if we are all wearing them…but we aren’t.  So you have to protect yourself. You can also be an asymptomatic carrier and spreader of the Delta variant even if you are vaccinated. All the more reason to wear a mask that works.

You can learn more about the science behind these amazing masks by clicking HERE. (The clinical validation study is on our blog post)

You can purchase them (cheaper) by clicking HERE.

Here is the clinical study

Protect yourself and the ones you love!


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