You Really Can Prevent Cancer. Read this!

As many of you have heard while getting treated in our clinics, we talk about LOTS of things while you are exercising or getting a “rub down”. Some useful…some not so useful…all for the sake of education and a little PT entertainment. For our next trick……

I want to share some VERY educational information that has come up for discussion a lot in the clinic and may just save YOUR life or the life of a loved on.


I want to urge you to look into 2 natural preventative supplements that have been shown to KILL cancer cells WITHOUT killing your good cells. 90% of chemotherapy kills both your cancer cells AND your good cells. It is just a matter of finding the right balance so you aren’t killed by the chemo while fighting the cancer.

Read about Dandelion Root Extract. Watch the video on the link below to hear a physician talk about this extract and the human clinical trials that are now underway…in Canada…not the USA of course. That is another eye opening conversation! Read Outsmart Your Cancer if you want the real truth about whether our medical establishment is REALLY invested in curing cancer.

Click HERE to watch the video.

Click HERE to see an option that I use for raw organic dandelion tea.

Read about Apricot Seeds and the extract from apricot seeds called amygdalin or B17 that has also been shown to kill cancer cells.

Click HERE.

A great $20 investment would be a book called Outsmart Your could save your life!

Click HERE.

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